Get the Scoop on Our Limited Edition Easter Eggstravaganza Box!

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to put our best faces, looks, and pedicured feet forward with our first ever, limited-edition Easter Eggstravanaganza Beauty Egg! A happy little bundle of treats valued over $120, and it can be yours for $30!

We’re excited to share some of our favorite luxury brands, Erno Laszlo, Lauren B, and JAFRA, along with a few others with you this season in this one-time only package to get your hands on the best of skincare with the best deal yet!

An Eggsellent Gift For Anyone and Everyone Special

The perfect gift for your friend, girlfriend, sister or anyone special that deserves the best, our egg has been designed to be a delight from start to finish!

After all, who wouldn’t want this little cutie as a present for Easter? Egg jokes aside, we’re happy to help provide your giftee (or yourself) an A-Grade experience with top-tier brands and a fresh start for Spring with this bundle of serum masks, couture nail polish, a luxury highlight stick, and more!

(Look) Better with Erno Laszlo

Looking for quick and effective under eye care with the leader of luxury skincare? We know you deserve the best, which is why we are so happy to headline Erno Laszlo with their Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask!

Founded in the 1920s, Erno Laszlo puts women’s specialized needs in beauty and skincare first, and their full-sized eye serum mask is no exception.

Reducing darkness, puffiness, and wrinkles, these serum masks are the perfect pick-me-up for brightening and moisturizing the most delicate skin area on your face.

Have a Fresh Manicure With Lauren B

Nothing looks more polished than a fresh manicure. Especially when the polish is good for your nails!

Bright colors and neutrals are on trend this season and our Lauren B. Beauty couture nail polish is your new best friend. Whether you get to try Palm Springs Gettaway or Buttercream Tiers, both colors are perfect the season and are 7-free and vegan friendly by design.

A huge fan of nail colors, the titular founder Lauren B. wanted to create high quality polish that was chip resistant, vibrant, healthy for your nails and more. And she delivered!

Lauren B.’s couture nail polish is “where beauty meets trend setting fashion, creativity, and luxury.” Which is why it’s in our beautiful egg this year.

Kissable Lips with Patchology

Did you know that your lips lack sweat glands, which produce natural oils to protect your skin?

Patchology knew, Patchology also has been studying over 10 years to cater to the modern woman’s work schedule and give her the best of both worlds: luxurious, exceptional results within a quick time frame.

Leaving your lips velvety smooth, Patchology’s Lip Service Gloss to Balm treatment goes on like a lip gloss before transforming into a soft, smooth balm that acts as a barrier from sun exposure and other factors that can lead to chafing and splitting.

Can we say Patchology’s a godsend? We think they are!

Bring Your Own Shine with JAFRA

Add as much, or as little, glow to your skin with a rosy highlighter from Jafra Cosmetics.

Founders (Ja)n and (Fra)nk studied the ancient beauty secrets of the Egyptians (who were on top of their game on many subjects) and created the world-renowned Royal Jelly Milk Balm, still popular after their founding in 1956.

Each highlighter stick is packed with wonderful vitamin E to keep your skin looking youthful and young! Perfect for the cheeks, eyes, and even lips, you can build the perfect GLOSSY look for any mood.

Get Glam With dome Beauty

A clean beauty brand from concept to packaging, dome Beauty is a gem of a brand with a mission to help you #expressyourbeauty. And what better way than making those eyes pop with the Eye Jewels Mousse Eyeshadow?

The formula is light to the touch and dries quickly, but the biggest perk is these eye-shadows won’t fade after all day use so your look lasts even into the night.

We hope you GLOSSIES are egg-cited about our Easter Egg treat, full of some of our favorite brands, and worth over $120! At $29.99 these egg-ceptional limited edition boxes won’t last long. Order your egg today!

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

Writer and expert