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The Pioneer in Skin Rituals: Using Erno Laszlo in Your Skin Regimen

A revolutionary in customized skincare, Dr. Erno Laszlo has been deemed the first in skincare to introduce a new term in beauty: rituals.

What exactly is a ritual? According to the dictionary, a ritual is  “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” In terms of beauty, a ritual is a set of steps one performs in applying skincare throughout a routine. 

Whether you’re religious or not, following Hungarian-born dermatologist Dr. Erno Laszlo’s personalized system of order was followed devotedly by starlets like Audrey Hepburn. Here’s the formula for the perfect skincare ritual with Erno Laszlo. 

Double Cleanse

First step, cleansing! Select your skin-specific cleanser to exfoliate, oxygenate and stimulate blood flow. This step prepares skin to fully benefit from toning and moisturizing.

We also recommend double cleansing for your nightly routine, as the first cleanser should be oil-based to remove any makeup and surface impurities.

Tone Up

The next step is to apply toner to the skin. Erno Laszlo toners balance your skin’s pH, while also attracting and binding moisture to the skin. Plus, the toners provide lasting absorption of excess oil throughout the day.

A Bit Of Moisture

No two moisturizers are the same, but they are essential for day and nighttime use. Specifically, day moisturizers quench and protect the skin, while the night moisturizers repair and replenish during slumber. The result? Hydration 24/7 and healthy, continuous cell renewal to keep your skin fresh.

Committing to Good Skin

Dr. Laszlo had a mantra 70 years ago about sticking to a ritual. “Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle”. And we couldn’t agree more, as it takes dedication to a regimen to truly see the phenomenal results of any skincare regimen, including the powerful products by a revolutionary in beauty.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

Writer and expert