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dome BEAUTY’s Clean Beauty Commitment and Why It’s Empowering Women

dome Beauty, one of the newest brands on the block, is keeping its core ethics on the forefront of the brand: clean, inclusive, and limitless makeup. See how and why dome Beauty puts these three trending business models first below!

Who Is dome BEAUTY

dome BEAUTY was founded by Maribeth Pyne when she first set out to create a new makeup line for the modern woman, and wanted to speak to women from many walks of life.

According to an article by Miss Amazing on Medium, Pyne believed in “equality for everyone,” when it came to skincare. “Everyone is beautiful and your race, gender, age and abilities just add to that beauty,” she said.

The article further explains how Pyne’s commitment to diversity can also be traced back to her family life. She says :“My family is diverse, consisting of many mixed-race ethnicities but it also includes family members with disabilities.”

Pyne wanted to see her family reflected in her beauty brand, and vice versa. Now, dome BEAUTY is a rising cosmetics brand that develops dynamic products and supports organizations that push society’s most marginalized women to the forefront.

Clean Beauty and dome

While the term ‘clean beauty’ has become a trendy buzzword to most brands, dome goes the extra mile with clean packaging and application.

Starting with ingredients, dome sources theirs through vetted raw materials providers. This is to guarantee all their ingredients are free of cross-contamination with harmful blacklisted ingredients.

For a run down, this means that dome BEAUTY is free of:

– Sulfates
– Parabens
– Phthalates
– Nanoparticle

They are also cruelty-free, and for international fans, fret not! dome Beauty is EU REACH Compliant. The EU REACH is the European Union regulatory authority providing a higher standard of regulation and restriction on harmful ingredients than the FDA.

Speaking of ingredients, dome brushes are also packed with clean ingredients for your skin!

Along with a customized design, each brush is infused with charcoal to resist against bacterial buildup. This means each application is flawless every time, minimizing the frequency of buying new brushes.

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Clean Beauty For Everyone

Another growing trend in makeup, dome BEAUTY takes inclusivity to another level. In the recent years, more companies are attempting to solve years of lacking diversity issues within the cosmetic industry.

However, whether these brands are becoming a part of the movement with the ethical intent to be inclusive is up for debate, with some brands claiming inclusivity being called out for various shades of similar, light shades.

Many claim their products are for everyone but most fall short. At dome, we provide perfectly pigmented shades that are tried and true to guarantee their success for everyone.

dome believes if one doesn’t have an inclusive consumer business model, one doesn’t have a growing business model.  They also support non-profit organizations such as Miss Amazing, an organization that showcases the exceptional talents of women with disabilities, and Step Up Women’s Network, a network of professional women who support girls from under-resourced communities to realize their potential by empowering them to pursue their dreams.

And they’re right, beauty should be more inclusive and less restrictive. Which ties into their last business ethic: limitless beauty.

You Do You: Limitless Beauty

While some makeup tutorials that cater to face shapes, eye colors, or even skin tones do come from a helpful place, they can also be considered limiting.  For example, a makeup video about the best eyeshadows for your skin tone can help bring out your best features, but can make you feel like only those colors would be good for you. 

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dome wants you to have the freedom to express yourself without those rules or restrictions. This is to support you having “your beauty, your way”.

And we stand by those ethics, which is why we’re keeping our eyes peeled for what dome BEAUTY has in store for us next.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

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