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The Clean Air Salon Concept with John Masters

Last year, we answered who John Masters is. But in this article, we’re diving into the “Clean Air” hair concept one of the brands coveted stylists upheld for years in NYC.

Based in New York, the future owner of the Hale Salon, Joe Murray, realized the immediate and long term damage to hair due to the high chemical levels in products firsthand. During the earlier part of his career as a professional stylist, Joe discovered he had a chemical sensitivity.  And as he continued to work at traditional salons, he reactions to chemicals worsened. 

As a result, he searched for a cleaner working environment. That search led him to join the staff at the John Masters Organic Salon. When Masters’ Salon closed, Joe sought to expand the concept of a clean-air environment on his own with his hair salon Hale, where he created the motto of “As Chemically Free as We Can Be.” Joe believes that there are enough environmental stresses in the world already. He is committed to helping his clients find a cleaner alternative for keeping their hair beautiful.

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Although initially designed for clients with severe allergies and sensitivities, “clean air” has now become a sought-after exercise consumers look for in salons across the U.S..  

What is “Clean Air”?

Clean Air is a simple concept, but hard to practice in the salon industry.

The term is supposed to indicate that the salon encourages ‘clean air’, which means minimal, if not zero toxic fumes from hair treatments or services.

Anything that produces fumes—including nail polish, hair spray, intensive heat treatments such as keratin treatments—is banished to the Fume Room. This is  a sealed-off, vented space in the back of the salon built for the rare occasions when toxic products are necessary.

The Dangers Of Fumes in Salons

There are several harmful chemical fumes that occur in salons from treatments and services, including but not limited to:

Ammonia: hair dye
Formaldehyde: keratin treatments
Acetone: nail polish remove
Butyl acetate: nail polish

And some of their side effects: dizziness, skin irritation, asthma triggering and more, aren’t worth the blowout. Which is why the stylists at Hale currently use John Masters Organics products for clean services.

With their stance on Clean Beauty, both for the clients in the salon and the consumers at home, we’re stoked to see cleaner beauty products from John Masters in the near future.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

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