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How Hydrating Mists Work with Jurlique

How Hydrating Mists Work with Jurlique

Have you ever wondered whether those little spritz bottles are delivering more than a nice smell? Are you just spraying fancy water about? Let’s clear the air on how hydrating mists work with one of our box products, Jurlique.

Inside the Mist: How Hydrating Mists Work

When they land on your skin, those tiny droplets of moisture can do a lot more than you might expect. It just depends what’s in the droplets. And that’s where Jurlique makes all the difference. From their beginnings more than thirty years ago, in the hills of South Australia, Jurlique has been a pioneer in the fine art of mists.

A quality mist refreshes, hydrates and restores your skin. With fine droplets to gently re-energize your senses, their mists has what it takes. Infused with unique, potent botanicals selected for their unique hydrating properties, they are now clinically proven to deliver instant hydration on-demand – formulated for a softer, more dewy finish.

Any time you need a moment to renew and restore, a gently fragrant mist creates a space that’s just for you. Close your eyes and be transported as you lightly mist your face and revive your skin.

When You Should Hydrate with a Hydrating Mist

Woman holding Jurlique Balancing Rosewater Hydrating MistYour mist is the perfect way to hydrate your skin on the go. Anyone who works in an air-conditioned environment knows how easy it is to lose moisture throughout out the day.

And to help your makeup last longer, you try setting it with a spritz of mist. It’s also a good idea to keep some in your desk drawer, or pop one of our new mini bottles in your handbag to refresh your makeup and hydrate your skin during the day.



Where To Start

Try their Lavender Hydrating Mist, which contains antioxidant properties that soothe the skin and help protect and rebalance dryness. The blend of Lavender and Aloe Vera Leaf extracts combine for a sensory experience that leaves the skin soft and dewy, while the Marshmallow Root extract helps replenish moisture levels for a radiant complexion.

Or for a burst of uplifting energy, we’d suggest the all-new Sweet Violet and Grapefruit Hydrating mist will invigorate your skin with lively citrus notes as it deeply hydrates. Infused with an all-new fragrance blend of Sweet Violet and Grapefruit, and enriched with concentrated plant-based antioxidants, our latest mist helps replenish dehydrated skin. The citrus notes invigorate the senses, and the lightweight mist gently delivers ultra-fine droplets onto the skin to help hydrate and protect from daily environmental aggressors.

And of course, there’s a reason that their classic Rosewater Balancing Mist is so loved (and our featured product!). Infused with the essence of their specially grown Jurlique Rose, their most hydrating mist gently awakens the senses with delicate fragrance, while providing abundant moisture. Plus, it’s been remastered to be more powerful, sensory and hydrating than ever. It features the extract from the unique Jurlique Rose to improve skin barrier function, Marshmallow Root extract to support moisture balance, and Aloe Vera Leaf extract to hydrate, soothe and rebalance the skin. The new formula has been found by 89% of users to leave skin looking refreshed with a natural glow, after a single application.

We hope you guys are excited for your box coming soon to your door, and stay tuned for our full box reveal of Summer Oasis!

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

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