Summer Travel Survival Guide

Summer Travel Survival Guide

Traveling is an exciting adventure, especially during the summer!

But in the face of intense heat, the last thing you need is a sun-burnt baked face.

Here are some tips and trips to keep your look cool and your travel kit minimal. 

Wash Your Face Everyday

It’s crucial that in the summer, you need to wash your face every day and every night. Your pores actually do get bigger during hot weather, and that means more opportunity for breakouts.  The summer heat increases perspiration and revs up your skin’s oil-production. 

However, this also means your pores are constantly susceptible to trapped sebum and air pollutants. So make sure to wash away those free radicals with a cleanser that’ll remove makeup and dirt, preferably oil based to remove the bulk of it and then a foam cleanser to declog pores. 

Hydrate, and Hydrate Often 

Dehydration is a skin condition caused by a lack of water. Makeup, travel, weather and pollution all cause skin to become dehydrated, resulting in skin that is often sensitive, flaky, dull and even itchy. Oily skin can also be targeted by dehydration, as while your skin might have enough oil, it might be lacking water. When your skin becomes dehydrated, it actually produces more oil in an attempt to protect itself. 

While this is one of the most common skin conditions, a simple solution is available. A spritz of a hydrating mist, like our featured box product Jurlique, instantly rehydrates the skin.

Giving your skin a reset is great after or in the middle of a long summer day. Also, if you’re a city girl or concerned about air pollution and how it affects your skin, we’d also recommend Emma Hardie’s  hydrating mist that plumps and smooths your skin while creating a barrier against daily pollution.

Just make sure to also grab some water too!

Stick To a Simpler Makeup Routine

If you know you’re going surfing and turfing, or spending a long day out in the sun at all, it may be best to have your almost bare face be your full face. Swap the liquid foundation, concealer, and heavy products for a BB cream and a small eye shadow palette like this one from Sleek Makeup. 

In a compact design, you still have the benefit of creating countless natural, smokey and glamorous eye makeup looks without the TSA giving you side eye at the bag check. 


Apply SPF. 

Apply SPF.



Did you know that the first signs of aging are created from photo damage? Photo damage is defined as changes in the skin that occur after prolonged exposure to solar irradiation. 

That includes wrinkles, sunspots, uneven skin tone, and even damage you can’t see. And who wants wrinkles this summer? 

No one. 

Apply SPF to your face with a BB Cream, your body with a subtle shimmer for the ultimate summer Glow Up, and even your hair (yes, your hair too can get sun damage) to keep your skin and lock protected and hydrated during your summer adventures. 

Detox and Recover  

When the sun goes down and you’ve reached your hotel or bed, don’t just wipe off your makeup to hit the hay. 

Now is the ideal time to give your skin so well-need TLC. And that means masks, sheet masks specifically. Not only are sheet masks perfect for delivering high impact ingredients to your skin, but they’re also a good alternative to lugging around a bulky moisturizer.

Also, for our frequent fliers, a sheet masks will be your best friend after take-off. The air that’s constantly recycled on a plane dries out your skin immensely. Rather than reapplying moisturizers over and over, (and over…) glide a hydrating sheet mask onto your skin so that you arrive at your destination glowing and dewy, even if it’s a red-eye flight. 

And those are a few of our makeup tips for summer travel! Remember to stay safe, hydrated, protected, and of course, stay GLOSSY.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

Writer and expert