All Eyes On Me: The Story of Our March GLOSSYBOX

All Eyes On Me: The Story of Our March GLOSSYBOX

The Spotlight is on YOU, GLOSSIES! 

It’s your time to shine. Now that the winter chill is fading, it’s time to focus on standing out and making a statement! And all that starts with you and this month’s box: All Eyes on Me! 

Psst! Did you guess the theme right? Our clue was all of the ‘eye’ wordplay in last month’s theme reveal. Spring into action on social media if you have a hunch for what’s in store! 

About Our Box Theme

“All Eyes on Me” means to command attention in any situation, be it your fashion sense, attitude, or even your makeup.


And in the world of beauty, we want every GLOSSY to feel like they’re on their own runway. That’s why your March GLOSSYBOX has loads of essentials to offer for a confident, showstopping appearance




What’s in Store:

How to Rock Bold Makeup

A shy girl’s guide to owning bold looks. ​

Own Your Crown With Mane Club

See how this haircare brand will keep your hair as tame (or wild) as you like! 

Body Positivity

Our #Nofilter Series Covers Body Imagery (With a Bonus Gift!)

Our Sneak Peek! 

Ready for a real showstopper? Here’s our first sneak peek on one of the products coming your way this month! Keep your eyes peeled for the Sleek  Highlighter Copperplate Palette! 

Sleek’s first all powder highlighting palette features rich coppers and duo-toned gold shades to give you a ‘lit from within’ glow, no matter what your skin tone is.

Ready for the ultimate glow up? Because this month is all about YOUSpeaking of you, don’t forget to review your products for GLOSSYCREDITS to buy on our sister site,!






























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