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The Perfect Face Masks to Chill Out

The Perfect Face Masks to Chill Out


It’s been a stressful time, especially trying to bring your A-Game all the time. But now is the perfect time to chill out, relax, and unwind for a moment. And that is why we’re diving into one of the products a deep dive into why, and how CBDfx’s masks can send you to a mini-chill session. 

About the Brand 

CBDfx beauty products, like their sheet masks, are designed to help your skin look its best. To complement the broad-spectrum CBD oil in this topical product, the brand added hand-selected ingredients to soothe your skin. 

How to Use

From the moment you apply your CBD skin care mask to your face, the active ingredients in this innovative CBD product will start working their way into your skin. To give the broad-spectrum CBD oil and the other ingredients in your CBDfx Face Mask plenty of time to absorb, leave your mask on your skin for at least 10 minutes.

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Long after you remove your mask and dispose of it, all the active ingredients in this CBD topical product will continue absorbing into your facial skin to provide their unique effects.

So remember to take a breather during these trying times, and to relax into the upcoming summer season! 

Also, if you want to unwind monthly, subscribe to our GLOSSYBOX to receive the essentials, the luxury, and just the right things in beauty delivered right to your door!

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Schané Flowers

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