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J-Beauty and Decorte: Brand Spotlight

J-Beauty and Decorte: Brand Spotlight

Loved by the world, and supermodel Kate Moss, DECORTE creates premium skin and makeup products suitable for all skin types from Japan, where skincare is the first and foremost in terms of self-care. Highlighting the traditional Japanese layering method with beauty products, this new line of hydration skincare is a force to be reckoned with by calming, smoothing, and protecting your skin with each layer that falls into place.

It’s no secret that countries in the Eastern hemisphere have coveted great skin, and thus, great skincare, over the years with healthy, regimen focused products. But Japanese Beauty, or J-Beauty, is very different from the international sensation of K-Beauty.

About J-Beauty

While both ideologies promote a skincare regimen built on prevention and protection, J-Beauty is the slow, hydrating progress to K-Beauty’s skincare enhancement focus.

J-beauty is steeped in a culture that believes in time-tested skin results, and largely ignores trends in favor of a more simplified routine as the best routine. That’s where DECORTE comes in.


DECORTE comes from the French word decoration, meaning a decoration or medal. This name reflects their dedication to bringing out your inner beauty and making you even more radiant. And their Liposome Serum is no exception.

Product size and packaging varies between full size and deluxe editions. 

Achieve all-day hydration with Decorté Liposome Moisture Serum, an intensive facial treatment that incorporates time-release technology.

The serum penetrates deep into the skin surface to soften and condition, providing a perfect base for other skincare products. Innovative Liposome Technology™ releases nourishing capsules over time for lasting hydration that results in a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion.

Make sure to grab your June GLOSSYBOX before we sell out to try this phenomenal product with our other world beauty faves!

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