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#TBT Naomi and Nuria: A World View on Clean Beauty

In our final week of Women’s History Month, GLOSSYBOX would like to introduce you to Naomi Furgiuele.  A beauty juggernaut and founder of Nuria, Naomi doesn’t just inspire women. She also uses her brands to propel women to new heights.

A Beauty Maverick’s Beginnings

Before setting off on her own ventures, Furgiuele worked over 15 years at Johnson & Johnson. During her time with the company, she worked with pharmaceuticals, medical devices and learned how to better connect with customers. However, beauty wasn’t a given for her as a career. “Getting into beauty was almost by chance,” Furgiuele tells Glam Latte in an interview. “Women connecting over their beauty rituals was something I was noticing. And I was just intrigued.”

At the start of her career, Naomi flourished. Commanding a global team, she was delivering innovation to now household brands such as Neutrogena, Aveeno, and Clean and Clear.

It was after these successes that Naomi decided to launch her own platform in skincare.

Naomi Finds Nuria

Her first step was to start her own beauty brand and push her limits.

“I was never going to know what I was fully capable of unless I took a chance on myself and took that risk,” Furgiuele told Glam Latte. Her leap of faith turned into Nuria, a global skincare brand that incorporates ingredients from around the world. “The essence of the brand is developing globally-curated skincare products and creating a community of women to share global beauty wisdom,” Furgiuele told Beauty Independent in an article.

Nuria’s unique ability to blend science and natural ingredients is due to its leader. Furgiuele’s years of experience gave her the insight to create products that address the fact that women are multifaceted. “Women don’t have the same skin concerns day by day,” she told Beauty Independent in an interview.

“Their stress levels may change and their skin changes. We really need to offer a variety of solutions to meet her needs as her skin is changing.” Which is why Naomi, and by extension Nuria as a brand, reaches out to real women in every corner of the globe and then brings that knowledge to customers in other countries.

Global Solutions for Global Skincare Issues

“We are taking every opportunity to interact directly with women, talking to them about their beauty secrets, and the local ingredients they are using,” Furgiuele explained in regards to Nuria’s skincare regimens. “We want to really listen to what the woman in China is doing to to address the dullness she sees in her skin due to pollution.”

It’s these specialized solutions that made us at GLOSSYBOX so excited to share two of Nuria’s cleansers in our March GLOSSYBOX subscription. As a variable item, half of our subscribers received the Defend Purifying Cleanser, while others received the Rescue Rebalancing Cleanser.

Firstly, the Defend Purifying Cleanser is made with Moringa Seed that’s native to the Himalayas. Rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, the cleanser works into a smooth lather that lifts impurities and removes surface damage without drying skin out.

The second cleanser, Rescue Rebalancing,Cleanser, is infused with beauty secrets from Japan. Made with mandarin orange, Rescue is meant to relieve and rebalance acne prone skin.

Education Beyond Beauty

A portion of all of Nuria’s sales is donated to the non-profit organization She’s the First.  The organization supports girls who will be the first-generation high school graduates with the funds necessary to graduate.

As a brand that wants to make a global difference that’s more than just skin deep. The donations to She’s the First help women become leaders.

“Developing globally-curated skincare products and creating a community of women to share global beauty wisdom is the essence of the brand,” Furgiuele told Beauty Independent. “It’s for women to learn from each other about how to best care for their skin and to help the next generation of women by supporting education.”

Naomi is one of the many examples of how travel and experience can really change your perspective.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

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