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Advent Feature: Lee Stafford

Advent Feature: Lee Stafford

See the ‘mane’ attraction in our Advent Calendar brand feature: Lee Stafford!

About Lee Stafford

Developed by Lee Stafford and a whole team of passionate people, the award-winning haircare brand named after him helps you create effortless, wearable hair that makes you look and feel confident.

Editor’s Note: Another pink product! 

Lee Stafford is the haircare line that’s packed with problem-solving products that have been created to do EXACTLY what they say on the bottle.

No ifs, ands, or buts.


Iconic and innovative, Lee Stafford professional haircare offers something for everyone. So, whether you’re a blonde bombshell, a natural hair fanatic, or a blow out queen, Lee Stafford can help you to create your best hair during the holiday season!

Hair Apology Intensive Care 10-in-1 Leave-In Treatment Spray

This treatment spray is going to be your secret weapon for winter hair care, tackling critically processed, damaged hair from the very first use.

Containing intelligent repair ingredients to help hydrate and rehabilitate existing damage whilst reducing hair breakage, this lightweight leave-in spray also helps to reduce split ends and fly-aways without weighing hair down.

Functioning as a great detangler to help make brushing or combing a breeze, the spray also contains heat protection for peace of mind when styling. The Hair Repair 10-in-1 Treatment leaves hair soft, smooth, and protected from anything you may face this winter!

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