Lycopene Crema Rinnovante

Lycopene Skin Care Lycopene Crema Rinnovante

Lycopene Crema Rinnovante contains the highest concentration of Aquose Micro-Disperse Lycopene. This luxurious daily moisturizer contains nineteen additional botanicals vital for skin health and beauty. The essential ingredients in this rich cream are: • Aquose Micro-Disperse Lycopene protects against skin cell damage responsible for premature aging • Vitamin E: Contains anti-aging properties • Astaxanthin: Powerful antioxidant derived from marine algae • Retinyl Palmitate: Exfoliates dead skin cells • High/Low Density Hyaluronic Acid: Plumps the skin to decrease wrinkles • Acmella Oleracea Flower Extract: Relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Product Application

Apply morning & evening before makeup

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