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Over 25 years ago, we were introduced into the nail business field, precedent to a booming nail care industry. As a professional nail technician and a business owner, we saw a need for an affordable, yet high quality nail product line. Frustrated by the lack of poor quality nails tips and products, we took matters into our own hands. Inspired by the anatomy of our own nails, we created 'Lamoon Beauty.' In translation, Lamoon means 'the moon', as in the shape of our nail beds.

Over aaathe years, we have created and manufactures lines of nail products, ranging from nail tips, nail powder systems, nail treatments, nail wraps, and more. The main ingredient for all our products have always been one thing, and that is high grade quality. Today, the beauty industry has jumped 10 times fold, compared to 20 years ago. The fashion industry has made us aware of ourselves from head to toe. Nail spas, manicures, pedicures, and healthy nails are all the rage now. As our company progresses into the new age of beauty, we have created products just for that reason.

Our line of Precision Nail Lacquer has been formulated with the highest quality ingredients, yet without the harmful by products such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP. Studies have shown that these chemicals may cause cancer and birth defects. So why would anyone want any of these ingredients in their beauty products? Going Green is the new rage now. So why sacrifice yourself for beauty? With our products, you can have it all. In response to Going Green, we have also created nail treatments to help nails get healthy and vibrant. We have even dropped our Acrylic Powder System and replaced it with Precision UV Gel & Powder System because it's odorless, has less fumes, and gentler on nails.

We invite you to tour our website and look at what our company has to offer. We think you will be pleased at our product line and if you have any questions or comment, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. Till Then, healthy gorgeous nails to everyone!

Product Application

Use nail polish remover to completely remove any dust, dirt or previous nail polish color. Nails should be clean and clear. We recommend using Précision's Cuticle Oil to rehydrate and moisturize the cuticles and skin surrounding your nails. Simply apply gently around the surrounding nail area and cuticle. This will help nourish and keep your cuticles healthy.

Prior to nail polish, apply a base coat (we recommend using Précision's Strengthening Base Coat). Highly recommended for weak, brittle and damaged nails. It allows weak nails to heal from within and still enjoy a splash of color. Shake the nail polish to mix ingredients thoroughly inside bottle (like mixing paint before you paint your wall). This will distribute the color and formula inside the bottle, creating a nice even texture and shine. In our bottles we use 2 stainless steel balls instead of 1, for faster and better distribution of color.

Apply the nail polish and the amount of coats as desired. Every individual will experience different application results depending on their preference, skill and nail beds. We always recommend at least applying 2-3 coats for full coverage.

After you've applied your nail polish, wait about 1-3 minutes for the nail polish to be semi-dry. Then apply a top coat over the nail polish for resilient shine and smoothness. We recommend using Précision's Quick Dry Top Coat as it contains a non-yellowing formula so that nail polishes stay vibrant as the first day it was applied. Quickly dries nail polish in 45-60 seconds.

Once nail polish is dry, you're all set! If followed the steps correctly, you should have long-lasting coverage and durable nails.

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