the original beautyblender® beautyblender.pure

A flawless look starts with the perfect canvas – clean, beautiful, even skin. Celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, creator of the original beautyblender® took her expertise in creating a flawless face one step further with the introduction of beautyblender.pure.

Still the same amazing cosmetic applicator but without color, beautyblender.pure is simple. Perfect for delicate skin and to apply skincare.

Product Application

Suggested Usage:
- Remove your dry beautyblender.pure from its canister.
- Completely saturate your beautyblender.pure with a generous amount of cold water until full size is achieved.
- Squeeze out excess water and towel dry.
- Now you are ready to dip your damp beautyblender.pure into your skincare or makeup of choice.
- Use in a stippling or “bouncing” motion onto your skin until you achieve the coverage you desire.
- To store your beautyblender.pure for the next use, place it back on top of its reusable canister.
- Your beautyblender.pure will shrink, dry and fit back nicely into open canister.

Tips: To quickly apply skincare/makeup on larger areas of your face use the round end for cheeks, forehead, and chin. Flip and stipple the pointed end onto detailed or hard to reach areas such as focused curvatures, or delicate areas around the eye. There's no fear or oversights with this sponge's super blending powers.

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