The Mystery Competition!

To win your mystery box, you first need to solve an eggcellent Easter riddle and follow the steps below! (You didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?)

Read below!

1. Solve the puzzle below to reveal the code
2. Click this link HERE which will automatically add the Mystery Box to your cart
3. Enter the code from the riddle at the cart and see if you were one of the first 25 people to solve the puzzle
4. Checkout quickly if you are!


Eddy the Egg was walking down the street one morning, when he had a cracking idea! He hatched a plan to steal the Queen's crown! This was no yolk. This required him to think outside the cage. He needed a team. 

He scrambled together his best friends - Humpty Dumpty and Mother Goose. He was clear on his objeggtives, and the heist was an eggstravagant success! They beat the security and whisked the crown away, selling it for $15,247,920.

Eddy took 50% of the money, Humpty took 30% and Mother Goose took 20%. She didn't need the money really, she'd done a lot of heists in her time and was nearly at criminal retirement.

How much was Mother Goose's share rounded to the nearest million, written out in words? e.g. $7m = SEVENMILLION



Didn’t manage to get there in time? Don’t worry! As a prize for getting this far, we’re giving you $5 off the limited edition Glossybox Egg which is worth $121 ! Use code: EGG5 at cart.

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