Beauty Bloggers Respond: 2017 #GLOSSYgoals!

#glossyGOAL: Be unapologetically ME
 I chose this goal because like many women, I’ve wasted too much of my life trying to fit into someone else’s ideas of what I should be, say, and do. As an American Muslim woman of color, I have way too many people making incorrect assumptions about who I am and what I believe. I want to be the writer of my own story. I plan to do this by speaking my mind against ignorance and bigotry around me, especially if it is in my own family or community.  As an influencer sharing my story, I hope my actions will empower other women to do the same.
To keep myself motivated throughout the year, I will have to do three things: 1) Practicing self-love by taking good care of myself, mentally and physically by consistently working out, mediating, and eating well. 2) Journaling my progress so that at any point,  I can look back and remind myself why I’m doing this 3) Sharing my goals with people I love and trust – my husband and close family will be my biggest cheerleaders, and I want them to know so they can keep me in check if I’m slipping back into my old ways.
I’m looking forward to having my baby girl (due in February!) I want to teach by example and embody everything that I wish for her to be some day. Also, I’m excited to do a lot more reading, writing, and creating this year, and less mindless tv and social media consumption. Please note: I said less, not none – balance is major key 🙂
#glossyGOAL: Stay positive!
I chose the “stay positive” #glossyGOAL because I feel it’s important to always try to make the best out of every day and every situation I encounter so that I can always move forward and better my life! Positivity is like a smile, it’s contagious and it helps spread good vibes and great experiences.
I plan to keep this goal by turning negative situations into something positive and waking up every morning with a fresh and new mindset for that day.
I’m looking forward to all the things that come in 2017 from my change in perspective and attitude. I think that being positive and spreading positivity will bring more opportunities to meet new amazing people and it makes every interaction so much more memorable!
#glossyGOAL: Be grateful everyday no matter what, work hard for my dreams &  love even harder!
I chose this resolution because it’s the beginning of anything you want to accomplish. I plan on leaving reminders, at my desk, on my computer, on my phone. Where ever I’m looking daily I want to remember how important it is to be grateful. 2017 is a good number, I’m looking forward to more opportunities within the beauty industry. So many amazing boundaries have been crossed in the beauty community and I’m excited to see what’s next.
#glossyGOAL: To blog & to love
When I was thinking of my #glossyGOAL there was a few that came to mind. New Year, New Me, I thought. I chose to BLOG as one of my goals because lately there is so much I want to do but sometimes I don’t get to it. I love blogging and love sharing my experiences on beauty and makeup with women from all around. When I blog I feel so accomplished. I plan to keep on my goal by getting more organized and planning a more set schedule. I included LOVE as my second goal because I want to enjoy my family and people I love, I hope to enjoy the things in life that matter the most because I feel that life is just too short. Here’s to love and being loved!!
#glossyGOAL: Never Stop Dreaming!
I chose this GLOSSYgoal because it is important to never stop pursuing your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. Our dreams for all that we can achieve in life gives us hope for a better tomorrow. They are a constant reminder to never give up. Life loses its meaning if we stop dreaming. I plan to keep up with this resolution by keeping my creativity alive and always looking for exciting inspiration. I’m really looking forward to watching my daughter grow and seeing life through her eyes in 2017. She never ceases to amaze me!
#glossyGOAL: Be the best version of myself!

In 2017 I am committing to becoming the best version of myself possible. That means being healthier, staying organized, and choosing to spend my time doing things I am passionate about. I plan to hold myself accountable with monthly check-ins of sorts.


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