Our Full September Box Reveal

Our Full September Box Reveal

Filled with the coveted essentials for the perfect spa day, our September box had everything you need for a moment to take a breath and relax the stress away! But what was inside this month’s box? See our personal spa care package that was sent to our GLOSSIES this month!


What’s In the Box:

This jade roller is a skincare lover’s quick fix, as well as a longer term investment for improving elasticity, radiance, reducing fine lines, and combating puffiness.

With peppermint oil acting as an anti-microbial for large and active bumps, this​ spot treatment is the perfect solution for​ those annoying and sometimes painful breakouts.

Extracts of goji berries, vitamin C and antioxidants are blended together to restore tired, dull skin in this vegan-friendly mask. It’s also great for recharging your mind and uplifting your mood!​

This headband is perfect for sweeping​ hair off your face when cleansing or​ applying a facemask, or even to control​ hair as you apply makeup! The soft​ fabric makes for a comfortable fit and​ helps to absorb excess moisture.

This face wash lightly exfoliates and​ tones skin, making it gentle enough​ for daily use. Jojoba grains provide a​ non-irritating exfoliation while castor​ oil helps clear pores and impurities.

The ultimate power couple in a jar, this blend of royal jelly and yellow flower is soothing and nourishing. It provides moisture while also recharging and rejuvenating distressed skin.

Schané Flowers

Schané Flowers

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