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#CurlyGirls Day Out: In the Chair With Ouidad’s Hair Experts

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When summer temps start falling, it’s easy to assume that the risk for frizz does, too. But for many women with 365, 24/7 texture (ahem!), this is so not the case. Which is why this month’s Ouidad partnership couldn’t have come at a better time.

We hit the curl-loving hair brand’s midtown, NYC flagship for a session with expert Jessica O’Brien. (Not only has O’Brien styled for the likes of Vanity Fair, but she’s also a curly girl herself, which, in our book, is where the true credibility comes into play.)

Here’s What We Learned: 

A great stylist will learn (and love) your hair type. O’Brien spent the first half hour educating us about our own hair curl pattern, observing it from both it’s dry to wet states.

Moisture is a two-way process. O’Brien and her team spent more time combing through and conditioning my hair than styling it. Why? Because, as she pointed out, “Most of the magic happens when curly hair is wet.”

Go in with a set of goals. Editor’s note: We were at a total loss other than, “I’m pregnant and don’t want to have to do much….?” Luckily, O’Brien was patient enough to guide us through a few others. Which brings us to…

When your hair looks fuller on the ends than it does at the root, it’s time for a trim. More generally? Learn to know what your hair needs. Ouidad’s product line doesn’t just stop at “curly”: they specialize across hair types (see: loose, classic, tight, kinky) and conditions, too. Case and point? The range of versatile products we’ve loved from them over the last few seasons.

A “no fuss” finish starts with great product. Wash and go sounds nice and all…but it’s not so great for lasting shine or softness. O’Brien’s solution? Curl Quencher Hydrofusion Intense Curl Cream (and sitting under a hood dryer for 45 minutes to let it soak in) followed by smoothing Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel through our strands (curl by curl!) to achieve it drying into the finished look.

Products used: Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo &  Ouidad Curl Quencher Triple Threat Deep Conditioner. Product note: Working with looser, finer curls? Reach for Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream and use a more “rake and shake” technique.

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