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Reveal Youthful Skin with High Beauty

About the Brand

Committed to making skincare that is natural, beneficial, and healthy, Melissa Jochim founded high beauty after 30 years of formulating product for the natural and organic beauty industry. With a huge fascination in the hemp plant’s endurance and longevity, she wanted to harness the plant’s qualities to formulate incredible skincare, suitable for any age. Her brand became one of the first brands to create an entire skincare range with hempseed oil as the hero ingredient.

What is Hempseed Oil?

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Hempseed oil is exactly what it sounds like – the oil found in the seeds of hemp plants.

It wasn’t until recently that changes in legality and attitude made it possible to dive into deeper research on the plant and the benefits it has to offer. Scientists discovered and proved that hempseed oil is extremely nutrient dense.

The key benefits of hempseed oil are its anti-aging properties and its ability to neutralize the skin’s inflammatory response. The perfect combination for your skin!


For your skin to reach its maximum potential, high beauty combines hempseed oil with other certified organic plant oils, antioxidants, and essential oils. The brand’s formulas contain a range of natural ingredients that your skin craves. They call this BioCanna, which includes hempseed oil, bioflavonoids, and terpenes.

About the High Maintenance Cannabis Peeling Mask

High maintenance’s high powered ingredients include a plelthora of botanical ingredients, including bamboo stem powder, pineapple extract, mandarin peel, and more!

How To Use:

Using the peeling mask once a week, apply a generous amount to damp skin.

Gently massage with a circular motion for several minutes to remove impurities and dull skin.

Rinse thoroughly with a cloth for a smooth finish.

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