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The Decleor Oil You Need

Known for their sensorial skincare oils, French brand DECLÉOR delighted GLOSSYBOX subscribers with their best-selling Aromessence™ Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum in our beautiful October box. As the pioneers of aromatherapy, DECLÉOR is a botanical oil powerhouse that delivers effective skincare solutions. Founded by an aesthetician with a passion and expertise in essential oils and treatments, this natural oil is formulated with 100% essential and botanical oils and is free of colorants, mineral oils and parabens. Because of the aforementioned restorative aspects, this product truly delivers on their holistic approach to wellness of skin, body and mind.


Glowing healthy skin is in! Pour 2-3 drops of Aromessence™ in the palms of your hands.  Massage hands together, inhale, and gently sweep the serum onto skin.  Apply to energy points around the face in the shape of the number 2 (starting from the inside of the eyebrows circularly around the eye and underneath the cheek bone).

Don’t forget your neck and décolletage need and deserve luxury care as well.  Treat it with Aromessence™ for that beautiful glow.  Tip: To keep your beautiful manicure looking fresh, massage a few drops into your hands and cuticles at night.

Ever wonder how some women stay so zen and rejuvenated all day?  Take Aromessence™ to your next yoga, pilates or mediation session.  Pour a drop in between your palms, inhale the natural aromas, and massage onto your temples for an instant moment of mindfulness – on the go.

Want to put your relaxation into motion? 
In the spirit of all things relaxing, yoga teacher extraordinaire Lauren Turner notes the importance of stretching first thing in the morning.

First Pose
“The most important exercise I would recommend upon waking up would be finding a comfortable position whether it’s sukhasana (easy pose) or simply sitting off the bed and taking 10 deep ujjayi breaths. This small but power gestures allows your mind to focus on the most powerful tool we have (our breath) and gives you a moment to set your intention for the day. I would then warm up my neck by gently turning the head left to right, up and down, and in a circle in both directions. We hold a ton of tension in the neck as we sleep trying to support the head so giving it some love in the am is telling ourselves we are aiming for a stress free day!”

Second Pose
“I would then practice a gentle back bend off the side of bed, everything below my shoulders would be supported by the bed. Backbends are heat stimulating and invigorating postures that help to wake us up. Also allowing the head to freely relax upside down opens up the muscles in the neck and throat. I would take a moment to lay down for a few breaths to allow my spine to go back to neutral before moving to the next pose.”

Third Pose
“I would then move on to paschimottanasana (seated forward fold) with a pillow under my belly to help support my back. The key to early morning stretching is to gentle wake up the body, we want to set a tone to help us move effortlessly throughout the day.”


About Lauren Turner: 
Lauren has been traveling & teaching across the globe for over 10 years since becoming a certified yoga instructor in NYC. It is no surprise that as a ballet dancer and model, Lauren believes that a healthy body begins with a relaxed mind. She is determined to help her clients achieve their optimal flexibility and maximum results through rejuvenating postures through vinyasa flow, restorative or power yoga. Her classes are a natural fit for yogis of all levels, just be prepared to sweat, laugh and engage with your edge. Lauren’s infectious personality will surely guide you to a fun, lifelong sustainable practice. She has worked with Equinox, Chelsea Piers, Sanctuary Pilates, Core Pilates and taught privates for the last 10 years in NYC/Hamptons.




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