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Get Crafty & Organized With Your GLOSSYBOX!

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The best way to start off the New Year is with a totally clean slate. So, in the spirit of all things organization, our clever UK team has created a few simple ways for you to repurpose your GLOSSYBOX. To grab a GLOSSYBOX and create your own organizers, click here! 

Key Hooks

Key hanger

1. Spray paint the base of your box and leave to dry. You may need to apply more than one coat. 2. Taking three self-adhesive hooks, fasten them to the inside of the box with enough room so they are evenly spaced out. 3. You can now use the hooks to hang your keys on! Simply place the box on a shelf next to your front door or secure it to a wall.


Desk Organizer

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1. Taking a large piece of card stock (or any thick paper), cut out 6 pieces that measure 30cm x 9cm. 2. Roll each piece of card into a tube and secure with tape. 3. Place all six tubes into the base of your GLOSSYBOX. 4. Tie your GLOSSYBOX ribbon around the outside for decoration, and fill each tube with whatever you'd like. We chose pens, pencils and the like, for our desk.


Tissue Box 

Tissue box
1. Using a pencil, mark a triangle shape on the lid of your box measuring 12cm x 2cm.2. Using a box cutter, cut out the centre of the rectangle.3. Spray paint base and lid of the box (we went for two different colors) Once it's dry, fill the base of the box with tissues and place the lid back on top!

Writer and expert
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