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9 Pro Hair Hacks & How-To’s From the Pureology Experts

pureology hair tips for glossybox!

Salon-only hair products are like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they feel SO indulgent when we’re sitting in a stylist’s chair. And on the other? We’re never quite certain we can work their magic in the comfort of our own homes.

Even more reason we’re thrilled announce that Pureology is not only now selling online but also welcomed us to their HQ for pro tips we could actually tackle solo!

PureArtist Jamie Wiley (who’s styled runway models and on-camera pros, but also happens to be a mom of three who feels our time-crunch pain) walked us through (novice-friendly!) tips and tricks using the Clean Volume shampoo & conditioner and Hydrate Sheer shampoo & conditioners featured in our September box.

Missed the video? We’ve broken down Pureology’s “mane” tips below.

1. You should be looking for UVA/UVB protection in your hair products. Masks and deep conditioners are great for DIY spa days, but integrity-driven brands like Pureology packs zero sulphates and offer 100% ray protection with each use.

2. Emulsify your products before you put it into your hair and start lathering. You should be getting about 70 uses out of full-size shampoo and conditioner bottles. (We know, right?)

3. The key to volume? Sectioning and priming it while wet. Jamie recommends a heat protectant and detangler a’la their Levitation Mist. Spray directly at the root of each section and work through.

4. Modern mousse does magic. Gone are the days when a dollop of mousse mean non-moving strands. New formulas offer a lightweight hold and an instant lift: the trick is sticking to the roots and not working all the way to ends. (Jamie also points out that the best formulas double as mid-week hair refreshers, too.)

5. Blow dry hair in all directions. Think, “North, south, east, and west” when drying hair shafts from all sides to keep hair from laying to one side or looking flat before its time.

6. Pureology’s hair recipe finder tool is priceless. Click over to their new e-commerce site, enter your hair details and woes, and they’ll offer up the best product recommendations and tips for you.

7. Air drying curls? Don’t break them up! According to Jamie, curls that want to be together should stay together. Use your natural hair pattern as a guide to section and coil hair once you’ve smoothed through product.

8. Want a sleek finish? Aim hairspray nozzle down in short bursts. It’s counterintuitive (especially when we’re running out the door) but Jamie points out that long, upward spray jobs actually encourage ends to frizz later in the day.

9. Also? Start on drying hair roots before worrying about ends. Jamie demonstrated lifting hair “up and away” from the scalp during our first pass at drying, then circling back later for the ends so that strands weren’t laying over super wet (and wilted) roots.

Happy styling, GLOSSIES!

Watch the full video tutorials here. Want more hair how-tos? Follow Jamie on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter here. Want to purchase all the products? Shop them here now!



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