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A new year, means a new resolution! At GLOSSYBOX, our 2018 #GLOSSYGoal is a fresh face! Want to know what we’re using to make these goals a reality? Read below to find some of our favorite friends for keeping our visages clear & bright!

Lumene Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra Oil

Elina, Executive Assistant

#GLOSSYGOAL: Hydrated and clear skin.

LUMENE Arctic Berry Cocktail Hydra-Oil is excellent source of moisture for the skin during the cold season where skin tends to get dry because of the heating and cold. It has allowed me to maintain the perfectly balanced skin. The cloudberry, Vitamin C and B5 provide nutrition and hydration to the skin while also balancing the pH level. LUMENE Arctic Berry Cocktail is the best skin solution for healthy complexion.

 JJ Young Sheet Mask

Erica, Head of Campaign Management

#GLOSSYGOAL: The winter tends to do unruly things to my skin – breakouts, dry patches, you name it! What I want in 2018 is a clear complexion, so that it’s no worries when I need to leave the house with #nomakeup face.

 What I love most about the JJ Young sheet masks is that they have a multi-tude of fixes and they work in a flash! Since my skin tends to get flaky, I prefer the Green Tea ask, in about 15-20 minutes the treatment has sunk into my skin helping clean out impurities and deliver hydration.

Dr Botanicals Facial Oil

Maike, Junior Marketing Manager

#GLOSSYGOAL: The January Fresh Face Campaign inspired me to work on my best skin ever. Drinking plenty of water, and using face oil and serum every day are my personal #GLOSSYGOALs for 2018!

The Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil from my January GLOSSYBOX is perfect for this not only because it includes vitamins, antioxidants and almond oil to promote hydration, but also because the product is purely vegan and natural! What better way to face the new year!?

Theorie’s Pure Professional GLOSSING duo

Tracy, Business Development Manager

#GLOSSYGOAL: Stronger, healthier, shinier hair. Maintaining weekly TLC routine.

Theorie’s Pure Professional GLOSSING duo products (restoring mask and glossing serum) smell amazing and feel incredibly light. My hair is noticeably more vibrant and manageable. I can finally wear it down.

Royal Apothic Lip Scrub

Mareike, Marketing Support

#GLOSSYGOAL: Staying hydrated, sleeping enough, staying on a good diet and using the right skincare products – My skin will be my best accessory in 2018!

This miracle worker of a lip scrub is made of natural sugars. Especially during the cold season with switching from low temperatures outside to high temperatures inside, my lips need more care! Royal Apothic Lip Scrub exfoliates and leaves my lips silky smooth, ready for my favorite lipstick or just a casual lip balm!

bareMinerals Complexion RescueTM Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream

Susan, Jr. Account Manager

#GLOSSYGOAL:  Clear Complexion!

This is one mighty little mineral makeup tube that packs a punch! It provides me the perfect amount of coverage and moisturization to cover imperfections while also protecting my complexion with powerful broad spectrum SPF 30. I love that this product gives me the benefits of a BB AND a CC cream. Even better, I can trust that my skin’s texture will only improve from it’s natural ingredients like marine botanicals and mineral electrolytes!

Now that you’ve got the downlow on the goods, we want to see what you’re using! Post an image of your best selfie, or your January GLOSSYBOX and use the #FreshFace

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