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Rosy Future: A Closer Look at Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Writer and expert6 years ago
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A classic beauty ingredient, rose water has a storied past. It’s been used for millennia for a multitude of benefits. First cultivated in Persia (modern-day Iran), rose water has been used to beautify everything from face to body to hair, and even as an ingredient for overall health and well-being. In fact, the Romans documented the healing powers of natural rose water for more than 30 ailments.

This month we are obsessed with K-beauty brand Mamonde (from the parent company, Amorepacific) and its rose-enriched hydrating beauty elixir, which promises to prep, tone, soothe and revive skin. Starring the extracts from 100 percent organic damask rose, alongside other natural ingredients like nucifera flower extract and prunus mume fruit extract, Mamonde Rose Water Toner will ensure that your skin feels softer, cleaner and more supple instantly. Suitable for all skin types, this refreshing essence should be swept gently on the face using a cotton pad, starting from the nose outward. Pat in remaining product onto the skin, morning and evening.

Just how are special are the damask roses used in this beauty water? Very. Known for their healing properties and gorgeous scent, damask roses must be picked early in the morning, from May to June by trained specialists, who work around the clock to hand-pick the highest-quality buds found in this refreshing formula. The flower experts at Mamonde have also been careful to use a proprietary low-temperature, ultra-high-pressure technology to maximize the many benefits of the roses used in this formula.

“What's at the root of true beauty? From roots to stems, the condensed nutrition found in every part of a flower is channeled through Mamonde,” according to the brand’s mission statement. “Our advanced research techniques provide powerful solutions through a contemporary, feminine line based on nature’s flowers.”

The flower-loving R&D team at Mamonde is so obsessed with all things botanical, in fact, that they’ve archived findings from years studying key flowers like hibiscus, rose, camelia, Lotus, Honeysuckle and Narcissus, all of which are used in their formulas for their beautiful scents and skin-benefiting properties.

By Belisa Silva

Writer and expert
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