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Manicure Advice from Nail Guru Lauren B.

At-home manicures are a Sunday ritual I happily acquired from my mother. I quietly observed how seriously all the women in my family took their hand-and-foot maintenance. However, this isn’t to say I escaped weird childhood nail phases. I bit them, messed with my cuticles, went through years of acrylics and designs, until i settled on the real deal (natural, that is).

I can honestly say I enjoy doing my own nails, It’s become a therapeutic pastime of mine. But living in NYC has made these hours to myself less and less frequent, and expensive manicures more commonplace.  Having said that, there’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned money on something you look at everyday and being immediately disappointed. After countless chipped nails within days of my beloved manicures, salon-hopping to find the best recipe, and winding up with less than satisfactory results, I have brought you Lauren Berkovitz’ insider info on how to keep your hands as polished as your grandmother’s china cabinet.

No stranger to the beauty industry, Lauren’s famed uncle, Philip B., enlisted her help in the family business at a young age. After trying every polish in the book, or on the shelf, rather, she decided she could create what was missing: a manicure that lasts.

Tip #1:
“One thing people are always surprised when I tell them is to try waterless manicures.  Waterlogged nails make products less effective and can leave your polish open to chipping, cracking etc. Not to mention water is a culprit for harmful bacteria and infections.

Tip #2:
“The perfect manicure is way more then just polish! The cuticles and hands are just as important. This is why I created a Nail & Cuticle Balm as well as a Polishing Hand Scrub. During harsh winter and dry summer months, the hands and nails need exfoliation as well as hydration. I wanted to create products that addressed particular problems and offered an on-the-go solution.”

 Tip #3:
“Always use a base and top coat. Priming your nail is super important- or as I always say, not to prime is a crime! Not only will this help protect your nail from staining, but will also help your polish last as long as possible. Don’t mix brands either.  It’s important to use our Nail Perfecter Base Coat, then any one of our colors, and our top coat, which was featured in GLOSSYBOX’s Filled With Love Limited Edition box. Our system (as with most other brands) was created to be used together, and tested for longevity. Also, reapply top coat every few days to extend the life of your polish. ”


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