Brand Spotlight

Nourish your senses this Holiday Season with COPPER+CRANE

COPPER+CRANE is a brand dedicated to the ultimate sensory experience – one that has brought together the finest ingredients, a refined design sensibility, and a spirit of adventure and curiosity. COPPER+CRANE celebrates the quest for a well lived-life, allowing for a moment to pause, reflect and nourish the mind and spirit through the experience of their products.

If you received our December box, you were treated to the dermatologist-tested Radiance Mask, inspired by rituals of the ancient Greeks and fortified with vital minerals and anti-pollutants that detox your skin. The Radiance Mask reveals a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion that will glow with a radiance from within.  

Copper+Crane has a plethora of gift sets to treat yourself or someone you love. Start the New Year right, and develop and nurture the perfect sensory sanctuary right at home. With the guidelines below you’ll be able to create a moment of tranquil escape.  


Consider how a clean and open space contributes to a sense of calm. Only add items to the room that bring you deep and meaningful joy that’s personal—maybe it’s a few mementos collected on an adventure abroad or a beautiful orchid that adds natural ornamentation or even a soothing color to subtly transform the area. Lighting is also an important aspect to consider while arranging your sanctuary. Find a flattering and soft source of illumination to create a relaxing ambiance and set the mood for yourself.


Reaching a state of meditative relaxation is difficult with modern life’s constant intrusions, often seeping into your consciousness and keeping you from achieving a state of relaxation. Leave everything outside of your space, close the door and use ambient sound as the central auditory building block for your space—water filling a bath, soft orchestral sounds playing in the background or even the sound of your own voice repeating a peaceful prayer or mantra can all bring a sense of joy in your sanctuary. 


Crafting the perfect combination of aromas and scents is truly an art form—creating a space that comforts and soothes with scents that speak to you and invite you to explore the depths of your own imagination and memory. A whiff of almond might take you to a cafe in Budapest that serves fresh marzipan treats or a hint of jasmine could transport you to the beautiful purple hills of Grasse during the annual Jasmine Festival. Consider that something as simple as candles and diffusers can also prove effective for inviting that essential warmth and fragrance you crave into your space.


A mindful delve into an environment for the senses can be accentuated by an exploration of life’s culinary delights. Maybe it’s something as simple as a favorite truffle, macaroon or fragrant oolong tea? Even a small meal in this space as you soak in a bath can be deeply satisfying—consider your favorite bottle of red with a small platter of roasted almonds, sliced figs, honey and a good European cheese such as Manchego or Raclette. Just remember, if it requires too much preparation, save it for another occasion.




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