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Behind The Changing Room: Beauty Products The Pros Use For The Runway

It’s Fashion Week in NYC, and we’re enjoying ourselves watching the latest in fashion. But do you want to know what models do before they strut on the runway?

Other than diet and exercise of course.

Don’t worry, the experts at GLOSSYBOX have asked a few runway maverick what they do before showing up for the big night or casting call, so that you can bring your inner fierce to the day-to-day catwalk of your life. 

Eyes for Eyeko

Eyeko is the ultimate eye makeup brand that models and modeling agents use for the runway and auditions, so of course we need to recommend their liners and mascara during fashion week! 

With body-boosting brushes, and a hydrating formula, their mascaras give you exactly the eye-catching effect you desire.  Eyeko’s main mission is about creating the perfect mascara for everyone, which is why we highly suggest finding your perfect combo to strut out the door. 

Avant Garde with Avant

Everything starts with the perfect foundation, but before you put on your favorite shade, you need the best primer you can grab. A secret models like to use is a primer that has collagen for extra elasticity and a way to balance your pH levels. Not only does this perfecting primer handle all of that, but it also retains your natural moisture and helps mattify the skin. 

Hey, a few of these are actually products from our Runway Mystery Box in September! For the latest in luxury beauty and skincare, make sure to subscribe to GLOSSYBOX today! 

Muted Colors with Lauren B

Depending on the designer, nail colors can be anywhere from a non-issue to pulling the whole look together. 

While most models show up with nude or naked nails, there’s no harm in having fun with color, especially with dark colors for the season.

What matters is that you have high quality nails and don’t skimp on steps and application. To make your lacquer stay put, paint two thin coats of polish, then hold the brush vertically and swipe the color along the nail’s edge to minimize chipping. And don’t forget the top coat! 

So what is your go-to makeup strategy for an off-duty model look? Let us know and show your fiercest face forward by tagging us on social media with #glossymystery, along with what your mystery product is! 

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