#nofilter Let’s Talk About Cellulite


In this installment of #nofilter, we’re going to talk about cellulite. 

Yes, the part of your skin that feels like the peel of an orange. The part of the skin that seems bumpy and we try so hard to hide. But not only is cellulite something you shouldn’t have to hide, it’s one of the most normal things that happens to your body. 

According to many reports and magazines, such as SELF, it is estimated that between 80 and 90 percent of women have cellulite. Board-certified plastic surgeon Joshua Zuckerman, M.D., F.A.C.S., said in the Sunday Riley Edit that cellulite is “caused by the interaction of subcutaneous fat and fibrous connective tissue. In medical terms, it is the herniation of the fat through retaining ligaments, or in other words, the fat ‘pokes through’ the fibrous connective tissue. These ligaments connect to the fascia, tough connective tissue under the skin, and introduce tension creating dimples. Cellulite is overwhelmingly common and even affects some men.”

Despite being overwhelmingly common, cellulite has been marketed as more than an eyesore. With the message of the rapidly growing cellulite treatment industry, we are led to believe that cellulite is something to be fixed. 

But the reality is, cellulite doesn’t need fixing. It, and us, need acceptance of our bodies.

Remember, cellulite doesn’t alter one’s ability to function or to be healthy. Healthy people get butt dimples, thigh dimples, and arm dimples! 

Consider how your cellulite hasn’t stopped you from doing anything you want to. Even celebrities and models like Ashley Graham are taking stand for self-love by flaunting their bodies and celebrating themselves as perfect. Because they are. We need to break away from the gross misogyny in phrases like “cottage cheese thighs.”

That’s disgusting to talk about ourselves that way, and it needs to stop. 

We may not know when our next beach day is, but we should remember to go out in full confidence when we can. Cellulite is a part of you, and nothing stops a GLOSSIE from looking absolutely fabulous. 

Schané Flowers

Schané Flowers

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