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What’s A Cleansing Balm (& Do You Need It)?

Writer and expert7 years ago
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With Emma Hardie's infamous Moringa Cleansing Balm in the box this month, it's only right that we give you the 411 on this cool way to cleanse. Hailing from our friends across the pond, the ritual of starting your beauty routine using a cleansing balm is newish to the U.S. and a trend we're currently obsessed with.

Instead of scrubbing your face to death with a thin gel, thick balms like these help to condition the skin while removing makeup and can also be used as a hydrating mask when you're in the mood. If you're thinking to yourself, "...hmm how will I get that squeaky clean feeling I love?" You will, but in a my-face-isn't-tight-and-painful kind of way. Stripping your skin of its natural oils is exactly what we're trying to avoid here.

In terms of ingredients, they've definitely checked all of the boxes. Moringa is native to the sub-Himalayan areas of Asia and has long been used in medicine for its antioxidant properties. Combined with wild sea fennel and vitamin E extracts, this formula helps to balance the skin and reduce the appearance of open pores.

Accompanying most cleansing balms is a muslin cloth (think cheese cloth) which, when combined with warm water, helps to thin the balm and take the grime of the day that's mixed up with your makeup along with it.

How do you incorporate this product into your routine, you ask? My favorite way to use it is at night before bed. I put it on my face and massage it in to start breaking up my makeup. Then I use warm water with a cloth to wipe the balm off. After this, i'll use a gel cleanser to make sure i've gotten any leftover residue off. This is what us skincare obsessives call double-cleansing! However you choose to use it, just know your skin will thank you 10x over.

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Writer and expert
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