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Beauty and brains with FORM Beauty

When a woman wants something, she sure does find a way to make it happen.  FORM was born from a global community of women of all ethnic backgrounds, to address the many needs of women’s hair. It’s not just the curl-pattern or type of hair that the team is addressing, the team at FORM is here to guide you through your frustrations and answer your questions when it comes to haircare. Inspired by the diversity of women’s needs, and complications and noise in the hair industry, FORM is the first and only end-to-end system designed to make hair care simple. The customized approach to hair care provides you with haircare solutions unique to you at the intersection of innovative logic and effective products. Read on to hear how these women fought to the forefront of a male-dominated space to create products that they themselves would use and need!

Q&A with: Jaimel Gauda, Customer Success & Iyore Olaye, Product Development. 

Having a team with lots of women scientists is an extraordinary feat! Can you share what it’s been like in a male-dominated industry and what drew you to Form?

It has been an amazing and transformative journey bringing FORM to life at every stage of the process, from its inception, the packaging, the formulations, and FORM survey, and M.A.P. analysis. Every step of the way I asked myself two questions: Is this product disruptive enough to transform the industry? What will it mean to my mother, sister, or friend? I believe this product is disruptive. All of the frustrations with beauty and products I have had as a young woman of color I channeled into making FORM a success. There are definitely challenges working in a male-dominated industry; it requires you to be alert and always willing to advocate for the needs of women.

In your opinion, what does a woman of today want from her haircare?

Iyore: The woman of today want something safe, that works, and is dependable. We want versatility and not at the expense of effectiveness. Women want to wear their hair many different ways with the confidence that it will look great in each of the styles. We want to know whether at the office, gym, or vacation, at a festival in the desert, we don’t have to worry about our hair. We want confidence that our styles can withstand almost anything.

Jaimel: There’s a lot more behind haircare for us than curl pattern or “type”. That route has just never panned out for most women. I have personal needs…based on my lifestyle, the specific look I choose to rock, and even the weather. When it comes to my hair, I want control over all of that. But there is really no way to cover all the bases with generic problem-based products designed for “dry hair,” “curly hair,” or split ends. With FORM, I know what I need to use (and how to use it) to get reliable results whether I’m working up a sweat daily or traveling home to St. Louis where the crazy humidity would normally force me into a ponytail every day. And it even goes beyond the products; I have a personalized regimen for different scenarios so I can adjust as needed. It’s all just fail proof for me now, super simple.

Iyore: Women are unapologetically taking beauty into our own hands. From DIY beauty to influencers and ambassadors cannibalizing traditional marketing. We are making the rules and entrepreneurs are arising. If we don’t like the products that are available, we are taking control and making our own products that work. The entrepreneurial spirit transcending the beauty industry is inspiring and this disruption is essential for innovation.

Jaimel: Thankfully, women with curls and coils are embracing their natural hair texture more than ever and enjoying the variety it allows them. We are also becoming more knowledgeable about the science behind our hair, and consequently, many of us are now looking for more than catchphrases or branding to select our products. So a line like FORM, rooted in the unique science of curly and coily hair, is right on time. Depending on the styler I use, I can wear it straight on one day and go back to curls the next if I want–without risking damage to my hair. I definitely have a preference for a more natural texture, but I really appreciate the range in styling options I have; not everyone has that.

Can you share when and where the brand was founded and by who? Where was it sold originally, retail-wise?

FORM Beauty was founded in the summer of 2017 by Walker and Company in Silicon Valley.

Products are available at as well on and numerous Sephora stores around the country.

Today, how many SKUs are in the line? What are the best sellers?

The FORM Collection consists of 10 products and offers a number of customized product combinations and usage instructions for a personal hair care experience every day. Products include shampoos (2), conditioners (2), leave-in lotion (1), stylers (4) including curl creme, curl gel, protective style creme, heat serum, as well as a pomade (1).

The Best Seller across the board is the Multi-Task Leave-in Lotion.

In terms of R&D, what is the process at Form? Can you speak about any new innovations, unique ingredients, or delivery systems?

The process at FORM is personal, we listen to a diverse community of women to make ingredient, product, and performance decisions. We use data to inform new product development and designs. We challenge industry standards for efficacy by testing our products on an array of different textures from wavy to coily. using techniques from traditional consumer insights to microscopic analysis to make data-informed decisions.

The FORM Collection will help make hair care simpler, by offering uncompromising products specifically designed for individual hair needs. Whether hair is coily, flat-ironed, natural, relaxed or somewhere in between, FORM’s personal and versatile products minimize guesswork.

FORM was inspired by your own hair care journey and delivers uncompromising performance without sacrificing the health of your hair. All products made without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

Can you speak a little about the trend of mass customization?

As the beauty emerges consumers are demanding more from their products. Customizations are here to stay. Women are taking authority making Beauty personal again by demanding more thoughtful and safe products.

What is making it so popular with beauty consumers?

Customization means trust if a company can show that a product is made to specifically meet someone’s need the consumer can justify the purchase and continued use. We owe it to the women everywhere to make products that work, we can no longer generalize needs we must embrace and innovate to serve more women and make an actual impact. When we think about women of color, who are traditionally underserved, this is particularly important.

How does Form address it?

Customization is particularly important for women of color with highly textured hair. Across the beauty industry our needs have been neglected and recently brands and companies are now aiming to be more inclusive. FORM from its inception was designed for this woman, however, we understand that there is diversity within this group. FORM’s differentiated, personal approach starts with taking a short online FORM Consultation Quiz, where women are matched with a FORM Regimen that specifically addresses their individual needs. Each person who takes the FORM Consultation is delivered customized product combinations and usage instructions for a personal hair care experience. This educational model will help women better understand their own hair needs and find the right products for it – a problem that more than 73% percent of women still face.



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