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LAPCOS’ New Line Unleashes Your Most Beautiful Skin

An innovative leader in the industry, LAPCOS brought the luxury and quality of Korean Beauty across the ocean to the United States. As an established cosmetic brand steeped in tradition, all LAPCOS products are the innovative result of old meeting new. While staying committed to its tried and true centuries-old formulas, the brand continues to be at the forefront of K Beauty by introducing new, natural ingredients into its products.

After long nights working in its state of the art laboratory, LAPCOS is ready to introduce its Skin-First Oil skincare line. With seven new products, it’s the perfect illustration of why the brand continues to yield a global following. Along with restoring your skin to its best state, the Skin-First Oil line is focused on helping women rethink where beauty begins.

You’re staring into the mirror, preparing for a date, a night out or even just the usual day at work. Looking at your makeup bag on the counter, you reach for your foundation because that’s the first step in your quest for a beautiful look, right? LAPCOS doesn’t think so. They believe that the first step to true beauty starts with your skincare and makeup comes second.

Three key ingredients – Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Chamomile Oil – are a beauty trifecta bound together in these products to create perfect skin. Jojoba Oil has ingredients similar to sebum, which is naturally found in skin, giving you the best oil moisturizing power in the world. At the same time, chamomile oil moisturizes and smooths skins while sweet almond oil powerfully fights aging.

As the colder weather sets in, skin can transform from your supple summer glow to dry and haggard. But, you don’t have to allow the change in season to change your skin. Cue, LAPCOS’ Skin First Oil Balm with honey, rose and tangerine extracts. Packaged in a round, light pink container, it intensely hydrates tough skin from head to toe.

Sweater weather is better when you have someone to share it with but it’s hard to get close when your lips are cracked and dry. Just unscrew the rose gold cap of the hydrating Skin First Oil Lip and gently apply to your lips. Small enough to fit in your purse, it’s perfect for those times when your lips need some extra kissability.

The end of summer can get even your skin down so when your dry skin needs renewed energy and vitalization, turn to the Skin First Oil and Mask. Skin First’s Oil is made with the added power of eight flower nectar extract, Vita C and Vitamin C to enhance skin elasticity and smooth. Use the clear dropper to distribute the oil onto your palm and massage into skin.

Then, let it go to work.

For those days when you need an excuse for 15 minutes of peace and quiet, apply the mask to your face, lean back and relax. The mast will leave your skin looking luminous and the break in your day will send you back into to the world wildly refreshed.

Also in your arsenal of skin-centered products to fight the harsh upcoming weather is the Skin First Oil Mist and Cushion. The mist works to control wet moisturizer without weighing your skin down while the cushion gives skin a nice gloss with a lasting moisturizing effect.

Makeup can be wonderful. It can be an artistic expression or a way of letting your individual personality shine. It can even just be a way to give yourself an extra boost after a rough day. For many women, it can also be a way of trying to “fix” the imperfections we can’t get over. But instead of trying to cover up skin, LAPCOS wants women to unleash its most beautiful side with their Skin-First Oil line.

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