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Discover Your Travel Essentials with KOCOSTAR

Wanderlust (n): A strong desire to travel

Exhausted (adj): Drained of one’s physical or mental resources


Two definitions with two totally different meanings and seemingly entirely unrelated to each other. Wanderlust, often used in a romantic sense, tells the tale of world travelers. Of people who scale great mountains to reach the pinnacle of the globe or travel on the back of a motorbike that belongs to a stranger, destined to see the sights that have gone undiscovered to even the guidebooks.


But, the tale of those who’ve seen the views and who’ve lived the experiences that make for the captivating dinner table stories, comes with another story that often gets cut from the cocktail party banter. Not to put a damper on the ever-unobtainable lust for seeing the world, but it isn’t without its road bumps, which leads me to the word “exhausted.”


While Instagram shows flawless days spent exploring every corner of the earth under the sun, traveling can be taxing. It takes a toll on both our emotional state and our physical state. The skin that’s become accustomed to daily cleansings is settling for a quick splash of water. A time once reserved for refilling our energy tank is replaced with sightseeing and group tours.


Fortunately, with KOCOSTAR, there isn’t a need to choose between travel and leisure. You can bring the leisure with you when you travel, whether that’s a trip that’s 100 miles away from home or 10,000 miles.


KOCOSTAR Lemon Slice Mask


A sheet mask that’s individually sliced makes for easy application, helps to lighten and brighten skin, keeping you radiant while you’re on the road. The mask is made of twelve individual slices designed to stick to your skin similarly to stickers. Unlike other masks that are meant to be used only on your face, KOCOSTAR’s mask is meant to be used wherever you need an added boost, whether that be your face, neck, arms or even your legs.


Packed with necessary nutrients like vitamin C, each slice powerfully fights signs of aging, brightens skin and improves collagen production. As the vitamin C works to correct previous damage, it also helps fight against future harm as well. By thickening the dermis layer of skin, the vitamin C creates a guard on skin to protect against harmful UV rays that come naturally from being outside making memories, no matter where you are on the globe.



Hand Moisture Pack


Being out and about while visiting some of the best places in the world can dry out skin, especially if you’re vacationing in drastically different climates. Super slim and lightweight, it’s the perfect addition to your carry on. Aside from being the perfect size for traveling, it dramatically replenishes dehydrated hands in just 20 minutes, so you don’t have to waste any of your travel time on skin housekeeping.


A mix of 10 herbal and natural calming ingredients and 13 plant oils, rough, overworked and dry skin transforms into soft, moist hands in just 20 minutes.


Coming in packs of 10, the individually packaged, disposable gloves fit just about anyone thanks to the integrated stickers that allow you to adjust the size to your wrists. Not only do the gloves provide you with professional grade care, but they were designed to be able to be used with your phone or tablet. So, you can be booking your next flight while at your in-home spa.


Once you’re done, just throw the gloves away and head out to your next destination with a slightly lighter bag.


GGongji Hair Pack


Fun fact, if your travels carry you to Korea and you see a sign or poster or product that has “ggongji” written on it, it means “ponytail.”


A similar design as the hand moisture pack, the ggongji hair pack comes individually packaged in packs of 10, meaning you don’t have to carry with you more than you think you’ll need. Using the hair pack is as simple as putting your hair in a pony tail, hence the name.


After putting your hair up, just open up the package and cover hair with the cap, using the sticker to tighten it. Gently massage your hair to help the nutrients work its way deep into your roots and aid your mind’s relaxation. Wait 15 or 20 minutes and then remove, rinse your hair with warm water and go about your day armed with the power of beautiful, healthy hair.


Powered by argan oil, olive oil and shea butter, a protective layer is formed over hair to repair damage that’s already been done and prevent against future destruction.


While in a new and beautiful place, you probably couldn’t imagine spending 20 minutes sitting around waiting for your hair wrap to go to work. Well, even in a new and beautiful place, you have to shower, which is why the GGongji Hair Pack is the perfect product to bring with you. After you shampoo and condition your hair, slip the cap on and take a few minutes to let the hot water flow over your body and contemplate your next adventure. Before you know it, 20 minutes will have passed and your hair will have all the nutrients it needs.


Taking care of yourself while traveling doesn’t have to cost you an extra checked bag. Every one of these three products is slim and light weight so it can easily slip into any bag you’re bringing with you.


So, start enjoying everything wanderlust has to offer you without the added exhaustion it can bring.

Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

Writer and expert