Springtime Tutorial With Our Easter Egg Products

It came, it saw, and it SOLD OUT in 4 HOURS! Here’s how to use (and where to get) our Limited Edition Easter Eggstravaganza Products.


Our Limited Edition Easter Egg came—and left! A few of our lucky GLOSSIES and fabulous women snagged them all FOUR HOURS after launch!

But don’t let the FOMO get to you! You can still get most of the items in the Easter Egg separately from our sister store, They won’t be in a cute little egg, but you can still get the best of luxury and trending skincare.

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Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask

One of our best-selling luxury brands, Erno Laszlo, is already ahead of the game with one of the most phenomenal eye masks on the market. And we expect nothing less from the brand that put women’s needs first!

So what can make these eye serum masks better? Popping them into the fridge for a bit!

Remember, cold compresses help deflate inflammation and firm saggy skin. The perfect anecdote for puffy under-eyes. Slide your masks into the fridge for storage, or place in the freezer for a quick chill before application.

Manicure Tips With Lauren B

When it comes to nails, Lauren B. Beauty is the way to go for an effortless salon-at-home manicure. Made by nail specialist Lauren B. herself, every polish is chip resistant, vegan friendly, and full of awesome colors!

They are also fast drying! However, if you want to expedite the process even further, dip your fresh nails in cold water to have them dry in 3 minutes!

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Pucker Up with Patchology

Patchology’s ‘at the speed of you’ policy is fantastic for the girl on the go! But it’s also great to use for our new mask hack: multi-masking. 

While your lips are being treated with the amazing flashpatch lip gels, why not also use the eye masks from Erno Laszlo together? It’s the best of both worlds and cuts back time!

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Get the Glow Up With JAFRA’s Highlight Stick

Jafra Cosmetics’ biggest secret iss their Royal Jelly formula, but even more of a secret is how their makeup line also helps your skin with rejuvenating properties!

After you use the Erno Laszlo eye serum masks, dab some highlighter under the eyes, blending to give that glowing #iwokeuplikethis look.

Highlight Stick

Shop the Highlighter, Bubbly ($22) at!

Finishing Touch with dome Beauty

Finally, we’re at the jewel of the egg, dome Beauty’s Eye Jewels Mousse Eye-shadow! Here’s a tip for the best application when it comes to non-powder eyeshadows.

If you’re using a makeup brush, the bristles must have natural fibers. Natural fiber brushes soak up the product’s moisture, which prevents a smooth application. Also, the continued use could ruin your brush over time! So grab a synthetic brush (or use your fingers) for the best application.

Pink Diamond

Eye Jewels Radiant Mousse Shadow, Pink Diamond ($25),

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Schane Flowers

Schane Flowers

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