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Our Collaboration With K-Beauty Is Back: What’s in Our AMOREPACIFIC Limited Edition Box

Schané Flowers
Writer and expert5 years ago
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For fans of our AMOREPACIFIC box, we brought your fan favorite back!

Back from the fall, and back by demand, this box holds 7 of AMOREPACIFIC's brands including Laneige and Mamonde to name a few. With limited amount of boxes available, make sure you don’t miss out on this box a second time!

Sulwhasoo Activating Mask

Sulwhasoo’s signature JAUM Balancing Complex has been turned into an easy to use sheet mask, delivering all the texture and moisture needed to keep your skin not only in its prime condition today, but in the future, as well.

The exclusive complex of five key ingredients – Peony, Lotus, Rehmannia, Solomon’s Seal, and White Lily - helps restore skin’s balance and maintain its vitality, resilience, regeneration and nourishment, leading to an improvement in your natural radiance.

Unlike other masks that slip and slide on your skin, this unique sheet adheres to your face, promoting maximum absorption and therefore the best results. Not only does the mask work to soothe your skin, but it helps to soothe your mind. The subtle herbal scent of the mask calms and relaxes your mind and body as your skin soaks in the mask’s nourishing ingredients.

FULL SIZE: $60.00 / 0.81 FL. OZ.

FEATURED SIZE / ONE SHEET: $12.00 / 0.81 FL. OZ.

Tip: While First Care Activating Serum EX is meant for daily use, the activating mask contains 1/3 of a full bottle of the serum so you only need to use it one or two times a week to maximize the unique formula’s benefits. All it takes is 10-20 minutes and your skin will be basking in revitalization.

AMOREPACIFIC Vintage Single Extract Essence

Made with baby green tea leaves from Jeju Island in the Pacific, this crème is lightweight and absorbs quickly, giving your skin the antioxidants it needs. Micro Moisture capsules allow the formula to continuously moisturize your skin, soothing and hydrating your skin all day long.

FULL SIZE: $145.00 / 4.05 FL. OZ.

FEATURED SIZE: $6.00 / 5 ML.

Tip: During drier months when your skin is in desperate need of extra care at night, use this crème as a base layer under a richer crème to promote added hydration.

AMOREPACIFIC Essential Crème Fluid

Defy aging with this exclusive single extract formula to make your skin appear smoother and more radiant. A precious essence that takes 100 days to create, your skin will become firmer and more elastic by just applying it in the morning and at night before moisturizing.

FULL SIZE: $98.00 / 3.0 FL. OZ.

FEATURED SIZE: $33.00 / 1.01 FL. OZ.

Tip: To enhance the essence’s revitalizing properties, after massaging the essence into your face and neck, lightly pat your skin to promote absorption.

IOPE’s Derma Gentle Cica Creme

Honing the soothing properties of Cyprus Tree Extract, IOPE’s Derma Gentle Cica Creme polishes and hydrates dry skin. Madecassoside and Panthenol strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier while smoothing dry and rough skin. By strengthening the skin’s barrier, moisture is locked in, making its effects lasting. Committing to not sacrificing the quality of ingredients for a result, IOPE has developed its cream with a gentle 10-free formula. Made without 10 harmful chemicals, including parabens and silicone, the cream is one you can use knowing you’re not damaging your skin. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, the cream not only helps moisturize skin, it also visibly reduces irritations, leaving you with the radiant, flawless skin you deserve.

FULL SIZE: $32.00 / 1.69 FL. OZ.

Tip: For best results, use Derma Gentle Cica Cream daily during your morning and evening routines. While it can be used on your entire face, you can also use the cream as a spot treatment for those pesky areas that need to be put in their place.

LANEIGE Moisturizing Foam Cleanser

Capitalizing on the natural benefits of birch water and vitamin E, the cleanser becomes a rich, creamy lather to remove impurities on your skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Fruit acids from five different plant extracts de-flake dead surface skin and smooth out rough patches.

FULL SIZE: $23.00 / 6 FL. OZ.

Tip: Apply daily in both your morning and night routine in a massaging motion. By working the cleanser in a circular motion, you maximize the impurities that are lifted off your skin.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

The world’s first sleeping mask intensely hydrates dry, dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid locks in overnight hydration while a blend of Rose, Sandalwood and Orange flower soothes you into a deep sleep. Apricot and evening primrose leave you waking up with an even, radiant complexion.

FULL SIZE: $25.00 / 2.3 FL. OZ.

FEATURED SIZE: $6.00 / 5 ML.

Tip: Apply the mask evenly on your face before you go to bed as the last step in your nighttime beauty routine, get comfortable under the covers, and let it work while you sleep.

Mamonde Clay Mask

An untapped resource, the relieving properties of organic Heartleaf leaves are unleashed with Mamonde’s clay mask. A gentle exfoliator refines pores and controls blackheads while removing excess oil and pollutants that build up on your skin from the environment. The powerful components of walnut shell powder remove dead skin, leaving you with a clean, smooth complexion. Adding in the power of natural fermented alcohol from brown rice to reduce impurities, Mamonde has developed the perfect combination of ingredients. Unlike ordinary masks that make your skin feel tight, the low-irritant natural mineral clay used in Mamonde’s mask moisturizes skin and provides a smooth application to keep your skin feeling soft even after you rinse it off. Take 10-15 minutes to relax with this mask and allow your skin and your soul to feel revitalized.

FULL SIZE: $25.00 / 3.38 FL. OZ.

FEATURED SIZE: $6.25 / 0.84 ML.

Tip: While the mask works wonders on its own, as any hard worker knows sometimes a helping hand can increase productivity. For an extra boost, use a bubble mask after enjoying your clay mask. After the clay mask pulls out impurities and smooths your skin, a bubble mask is the ideal way to give you a fresh canvas to help give your makeup a flawless look.

Schané Flowers
Writer and expert
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A beauty enthusiast by heart and a plant lover, I'm always looking for the latest and greatest in skincare and beauty, especially clean and organic! I think everyone's entitled to high quality skincare at any budget, and I'm always on the lookout for what's new in the industry be it tips, tricks, or products!