Staff Favorite: Bags for National Handbag Day

Staff Favorite: Bags for National Handbag Day

In honor of National Handbag Day, we’ve come together as staff and picked our favorite handbags for work in the fall season!

Image 2 of FLAT SHOPPER from Zara

Photo Credit: Zara

A personal favorite of mine, I love bags I can shove my entire life (and by that I mean my laptop, notebook, invisibobble waver, snacks etc.) into. At GLOSSYBOX US, we’re always on the go and needing to bring our best A-Game forward when we create our curation of beauty and skincare to send to you. The black may be a ‘safe’ color, but slung over our shoulders we can totally see it as the clencher to an effortless Bohemian-chic look due to it’s sleek design to avoid going into hobo territory. 


Phoro Credit: Zara

The vivaciousness of the red is a staff favorite for the mini-influncers and marketing mavericks of our office. It’s a bag designed to stand out and leave an impression, just like us when we host events and unboxings on social. It’s an attention grabber with an embossed print and the color combined, but because no animals have been harmed in the making it also shows that cruelty-free fashion (and skincare) can be attainable and still look good. 

Image 2 of FLAP BACKPACK WITH RING from Zara

Photo Credit: Zara

Let’s paint a picture of the woman who’s exploring our US location, New York City. She’s trendy, but not too trendy. She’s practical, but not too practical. And somewhere in the middle, she needs to be hands-free. 

That’s where this backpack comes in. A neutral (but pretty!) taupe color, it’s the perfect size for all-day errands without looking too schoolgirl or touristy.

This belt bag takes the roominess of the black tote, the standout attitude of the red bag, the classic color base of the taupe and slaps it all together under a classic brand we all know and love. 

Photo credit: Gucci

Full Disclosure: We DID have an in office debate on whether it should be called a fanny pack or a belt bag. Belt Bag won, so there’s that.

Hands-free, minimal, classic and a showstopper, this belt bag is the perfect night-out companion to transfer your bare essentials from daybag to evening or a light errand day.  At least one of our members has it on hand from time to time, and 

What’s your favorite go-to bag? Make sure to celebrate National Handbag day with your favorite bag, clutch, purse, or cosmetic bag!

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Schane Flowers

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