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Get the Buzz with JAFRA ROYAL

Busy bees are responsible for some of the sweetest things in life. While you may already be sending them a thank you note for that honey you squirted in your morning tea, there’s a lot more that bees give us to be grateful for than just sweetener. Fortunately for us, JAFRA’s harnessed the true power of bees and with its royal jelly technology, you can become the queen bee of own hive in life.

What Is Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a completely natural, milky secretion produced by worker honey bees. Packed with proteins, sugar, fats, vitamins and amino acids, it’s used to help treat a wide variety of complications, including asthma, liver disease and pancreatitis.

So, what makes the royal jelly, well, royal? While it’s only developed worker honey bees in the hive, its sole purpose is for the development and nurturing of the queen bee. Only consumed by the queen bee, it extends her life by 40 times. Unlike worker bees, which live only 45 days, the natural elixir helps the queen bee live up to six years!

“Our cells require a lot to be in optimum shape,” Dr. Stefan Stangaciu explained. “Royal jelly contains most of these essentials. It’s practically a whole pharmacy.”

How Did JAFRA Incorporate It?

JAFRA was founded by Jan and Frank Day in 1956 and ever since those early moments, the company’s cores mission has been to make women look and feel their best. Capitalizing on the ancient beauty secrets of the Egyptians, JAFRA became an overnight success with its Royal Jelly Milk Balm.

Recognizing the immense benefits behind natural ingredients, JAFRA set out to create their exclusive Royal Jelly RJx technology. X, meaning the power of, represents the fact that the technology not only uses royal jelly, but multiplies its benefits. After 60 years of expertise using royal jelly, the formula delivers antioxidants, vitamins and minerals deep into skin with more force and precision than ever before.

JAFRA’s Royal Revitalize line fights multiple signs of aging for dramatic, clinically proven results. Skin is constantly exposed to harmful elements from the environment such as radiation, ultraviolet light and free radicals and after years of creating memories, the effects of the world we live in can take a visible toll.

Basically, free radicals grab an extra electron from atoms in skin, causing damage to our skin’s DNA, which can speed up the process of skin aging. Damage from free radicals comes in several forms, including changes in skin tone, wrinkles and loose and saggy skin.

In just four steps, skin is cleansed, treated, moisturized and protected with natural ingredients for practically immediate improvements. Thanks to JAFRA’s commitment to developing the best there is in skincare, women across the globe can enjoy a complexion that looks up to seven years younger.

JAFRA Royal Luxury Lip Stick

Makeup and skin care are often two things people think have to remain separate. How can you be caring for your skin when you’re layering products on top of your face? But, what if a brand managed to combine the rejuvenating properties of skin care with the power of a beautiful lip color?

With JAFRA’s Royal Luxury Lip Stick you don’t have to choose between repairing your skin and a bold lip. In fourteen different colors, each tube packs the powerful punch of a radiant hue with the added benefits of Royal Jelly RJx technology.

So, not only will you be turning heads at the holiday party, but your lips will get a much-needed boost of hydration at the same time.

JAFRA Royal Luxury Lip Liner

Just like milk and cookies left out for Santa on Christmas Eve, there’s no pairing quite as perfect like JAFRA’s luxury lip liner and lip stick. Cut from the same cloth as the lip stick, JAFRA’s lip liner combines health with beauty.

The luxury lip liner glides across lips to form a perfect outline of your plump pout. Available in five different but equally rich shades, lips are left feeling nourished and hydrated as you make your way to the mistletoe.

Vibrant colors infused with the hydrating technology of Royal Jelly RJx, JAFRA’s Royal color line emanates luxury from top to bottom. No longer is beauty about choosing between healthy, hydrated skin and a star-studded look.

Gorgeous packaging reminiscent of crowned jewels containing a lipstick and lip liner stocked with the nutritional benefits of Royal Jelly, you’ll feel like a queen bee the second you put it on.



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