The Best At-Home Workouts to Ditch ‘National Ditch Day’

Hey there, GLOSSIES!

As winter is in full swing (25 degrees in NYC for us!), we know that working out, especially outside, can be a challenge in frigid temperatures. 

But we got your resolutions covered! Here’re some ways to keep working out without having to go out. 


After three months, did you know that yoga practice can lead to lower levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression

Regular practice of yoga has also been proven to help improve the quality of life and mental health of its participants. Plus, you can snag a yoga mat for cheap on Amazon and watch a yoga video in the warm comfort of your home. 

The afterglow post-yoga is a wonderful feeling. Don’t forget to match that with a mist to hydrate and bring your own glow to the table!


If you feel like bopping while working out, then a dance workout is the fun workout you need. A great boost in cardiovascular activity, this routine is fun and a great prep method for actual dancing later. 

Bonus: Singing while you dance may sound embarrassing, but studies show that you can burn double the calories when you sing and dance.  Just make sure to hydrate your skin with a facial oil or moisturizer after the workout!


For the aspiring prima-ballerinas, let us introduce you to barre. Barre is a form of workout that utilizes ballet barre and its incorporation of movements derived from ballet. 

These workouts are great for lean thighs, slimmer arms, toning and core strengthening

Bonus: As someone who studied ballet, barre is a great workout to do once a week, and then easing it into your daily schedule. Losing weight is great, but the strength building of your muscles is just as important. 

Most Barre workouts don’t work up too much of a sweat, but you should follow the ballerina uniform and rock that bun during your workouts! 

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Cassey Ho, a certified Pilates instructor, blends traditional Pilates movements with fun music that viewers can try for free from their own homes. She often preaches in her videos that exercise is not just about how you look but how you feel. Bless her.

What we love about this channel is that you feel like you have access to a personal trainer who’s also going along with the journey. Also, you can tailor the workouts to your schedule because digital Cassey isn’t going anywhere! So you can do a 5 minute workout at 7am or a 30 minute workout after brunch at your leisure! 

Plus, Cassey made a video on 3 Steps to Crushing Your Goals for National Ditch Day! #Fate Right?

Remember, if you can’t make the time to do all of the workouts: no pressure! Just remember to work through a solution to stick to those resolutions

Stay refreshed!


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