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What’s New With the T3 ID Line

Get the scoop on the latest launch of T3!

About the Brand

T3’s motto is quite simple: Bringing salon quality straight to you.

As a self care queen, I love the salon. I expect nothing but the best treatment and ease of existing in a stylist’s chair and receiving my choice of coffee, tea, or champagne. 

Note: No, salons don’t traditionally offer champagne. But why stop at just getting exceptional service? 

And T3 is all about that salon experience at the palm of your hand. (Minus the alcohol.)

T3 is driven by curiosity and propelled by passion, which is why their products are built to bring innovations from science and engineering into the world of beauty. They create the ultimate styling tools: intelligent, powerful products that actively care for hair, are a pleasure to use and a joy to behold. 

So what’s in store for T3? 

Curl ID & Lucea ID

The T3 Curl ID  and the Lucea ID  are the first of their respective kinds in professional hair styling. These game-changing tools use advanced technology to simplify your styling experience, eliminate guesswork, and minimize damage. With a smart-touch interface and 9 precise heat settings that automatically adjust to your unique profile based on hair texture, color and chemical treatments, what can you expect? Smooth, beautiful hair. 

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Schané Flowers

Schané Flowers

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