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Get Perfect Brows With Angela Marinescu

Writer and expert7 years ago
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New York City eyebrow expert Angela Marinescu took a quick trip to the GLOSSYBOX HQ to teach us a thing or five about the only hair on your face that you actually want. Like fashion trends, eyebrow shapes seem to change every few years, and Angela has had the pleasure of embracing many of them. Having groomed the likes of Kate Upton, Karolina Kurkova and even Martha Stewart, coupled with her 20 years of experience, she’s given us the do’s and dont’s on how to channel a lot of Brooke Shields in the 80’s and none of Pamela Anderson, well, always.

1.Don't: trim your browsYou can end up taking too much and make them look thinner, or shorter.  

Do: Go to an expert! Not all brow hairs should be cut, sometimes we need the length to give us fullness and length. If your hair is on the lighter, thinner side, the way you brush the hairs can affect how thick they look and when you trim all of the hair, you’re left with holes.

2. Don't: over-tweeze or make them look exactly the sameRemember that brows are like sisters not twins!

Do: Take away stray hairs here and there. If you need to remove unwanted hairs, always do it in natural lighting with a magnified mirror, just few hairs at a time from each side, away from the brow shape.

3. Don't: make them too darkThey should be one shade darker than your roots

Do: If you fill in brows with a brow pencil make sure it is always sharp and apply gentle strokes.  If you use powder, opt for a thin angled brush.  After, gently comb hairs with a brow wand (spoolie), lightly blending into your natural brow. Use a brow gel and brush in the same direction as you applied the pencil, powder, for more groomed, polished look. Otherwise, another great option is brow tinting. Tint adds definition, fullness, and can cover grey hairs.

4. Don't: bleach your browsIt’s a statement you probably don’t want to make

Do: See an expert if you need them bleached, you do not want to burn your skin with a strong mixture. Bleaching Is an unflattering look used primarily at fashion shows and photo shoots.When it comes to dye, timing and formula are everything!

5. Don't: use brow stencilsNot all brows are created the same

Do: Have an appointment in person to get the most flattering look for your face, seeing a specialist affords you a proper consultation. In theory, brow stencils create the perfect outline for an ideal shape but in reality, they are not right for YOUR face specifically.


*Angela Marinescu began her career in beauty in Bucharest, Romania, where beauty services are treated as an art form. After leaving Bucharest, Angela worked at Elizabeth Arden on Fifth Ave in New York City for seven years, and then spent the last ten years at the John Barrett Salon atop Bergdorf Goodman, where Barrett coined Angela “my Romanian star.” She has over 20 years experience and currently works at the Exhale Spa in the Upper East Side of NYC.


Writer and expert
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