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Let Tree Hut Revitalize Your Beauty Regimen

The famed writer Truman Capote once said, “Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring.” Whether you agree that April or autumn seems to be the true signal of new beginnings, a change in season is the perfect time to make a change in your own life.

That change doesn’t need to be anything huge. It can be as simple as making the decision to put your skin care first and Tree Hut has the perfect additions to your regimen. Just adding five products to your routine can give you incredibly radiant skin that brings your inner beauty to the outside. Made with only natural ingredients, Tree Hut’s regimen is designed to be effective and multifunctional so women can ooze confidence.

Cleansing Gel

Give your face a refreshing start to the day in the morning and cooling finish at night with Tree Hut’s Cleansing Gel. Just wet your face with warm water and work the first step of your new regimen into a rich lather to cleanse skin and remove impurities. Then, just rinse with warm water and allow yourself to feel refreshed. With an added dose of rosewater, skin stays hydrated and balanced, giving you a radiant glow.

Facial Scrub

Once you’re done cleansing, apply Tree Hut’s facial scrub in circular motions three times a week. The scrub gently exfoliates skin to remove dead cells and the circular motion ensures maximum coverage. The facial scrub is fortified with natural botanicals so as the scrub exfoliates, Rose’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help calm skin. Meanwhile, Aloe soothes and reduces redness.


When people think about their moisturizer, they often only think about how it hydrates skin. But at Tree Hut, moisturizing isn’t just about keeping skin nourished, it’s about protecting it, as well. SPF 30 protects your skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays as you go about your day while a lightweight formula allows your skin to drink in the Rosehip Oil for an intensely smooth touch. To get the most out of this powerful moisturizer, apply liberally to clean skin about 15 minutes before you’re about to head out into the sun.

Exfoliating Mud Mask

One of the best ways to shake off the stress of the week is to deeply exfoliate your skin with a weekly mud mask. Exotic Black Sand removes dead cells and  Charcoal, Kaolin and Bentonite bring impurities to the surfaces to brighten even the dullest looking skin. Generously cover your face with Tree Hut’s mud mask and allow it to dry until it starts to crack. Then, rinse off with warm water and feel your skin breathing deeply again.

Renewing Night Cream

Tree Hut’s mask works wonders on its own but to amplify its powers, try applying Tree Hut’s renewing night cream after you’ve washed your mask off. After a long day at work, you’ve earned a good night’s rest and Tree Hut is redefining the meaning of beauty sleep. A rich, non-greasy formula made with Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn, skin is soothed and rejuvenated during your slumber. When you wake up in the morning, looking as glowing as ever, you’ll be ready to seize the day.

Tree Hut went from Farmers Branch, Texas, to America’s favorite brand by remaining faithful to its belief that natural ingredients make a difference. Never tested on animals, Tree Hut’s products are also always made in the company’s facility in the United States.

Tree Hut doesn’t want to change how you look and this new beauty routine isn’t meant to transform you into someone else. All Tree Hut does is bring out your most radiant self so you can love the skin you’re in. Other brands want to create beauty, all Tree Hut wants to do is reveal it.

Jenni, a University of Arizona graduate, had her first fiction novel, Sentenced to Life, published in 2015 and is currently working on her second novel. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring New York City, doing a DIY project in her apartment, or re-watching her favorite rom-com, When Harry Met Sally.



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