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Kind is Beautiful: Our Favorite Ethical Brands

In honor of World Kindness Day, we take a look at featured brands from this year that have made a positive impact to the environment and women around the globe. 


A portion of all of Nuria’s sales is donated to the non-profit organization She’s the First.  The organization supports girls who will be the first-generation high school graduates with the funds necessary to graduate.

As a brand that wants to make a global difference that’s more than just skin deep. The donations to She’s the First help women become leaders.

“Developing globally-curated skincare products and creating a community of women to share global beauty wisdom is the essence of the brand,” Furgiuele told Beauty Independent. “It’s for women to learn about how to best care for their skin and to help the next generation of women by supporting education.”

Maria Nila 

Maria Nila is 100% vegan. They are also cruelty-free due to their love for animals, as they believe animals should not be part of hair care products or testing. 

Maria Nila’s chemists develop their products with carefully chosen ingredients that make a difference for clients, salons, animals and the environment. They even have their own product development, production, filling and warehouse inside their factory in Helsingborg, Sweden, and from there the brand is shipped all over the world.


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That’s why we can say with confidence that our products and ingredients have never been tested on animals, PETA Certified, proudly free of: 

✔ Phthalates   ✔ Parabens ✔ Paraffin   ✔ Petroleum ✔ Propylene Glycol   ✔ Butylene Glycol ✔ Mineral Oils   ✔ TEA ✔ GMO Ingredients ✔ BPA

Derma E

Everything DERMA E does considers people and the planet, from the content of their products to even the life-cycle of their packaging! That’s why they’ve made their packaging recyclable and offset 100% of conventional energy use with wind energy.


dome BEAUTY was founded by Maribeth Pyne when she first set out to create a new makeup line for the modern woman, and wanted to speak to women from many walks of life.

According to an article by Miss Amazing on Medium, Pyne believed in “equality for everyone,” when it came to skincare. “Everyone is beautiful and your race, gender, age and abilities just add to that beauty,” she said.

Do you have a brand that’s kind in the production and mission of their beauty and skincare line? Make sure to give them a shout out on World Kindness Day!

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