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Glossy Guide: How To Build Glossy Credit And Save On Your Fave Beauty Buys!

Glossy Guide: How To Build Glossy Credit And Save On Your Fave Beauty Buys!
Emily Cotton
Writer and expert3 years ago
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We’re always talking about Glossy Credit on the GLOSSYBOX blog... Well, why wouldn’t we? It’s essentially free money you can earn that you can then spend on your next beauty buys, saving you $$$!  

Here’s how it’s done! 

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What Is Glossy Credit?  

Glossy Credit is one of the many benefits you get to take advantage of when you subscribe to GLOSSYBOX. By reviewing products you receive in your box each month, completing surveys (on your monthly box and on any others you may buy), and by referring friends to GLOSSYBOX, you will start building up your Glossy Credit immediately.  

Not sure how to fill out your surveys? Watch the video below, or follow our step by step guide to finding and filling out your GLOSSYBOX surveys.!  

How Much Glossy Credit Can You Earn? 

So, depending on what you're doing on the GLOSSYBOX website, you'll earn different amounts of Glossy Credit. Have a look below at how much each task can earn you! 

Action  How Much Glossy Credit Will You Earn? 
Refer A Friend  $6 - $14 
Box or Product Survey  $0.35 – $0.70 
Box or Product Review  $0.35 
Completed Beauty Profile  $0.35 


Where Can You Spend Glossy Credit?  

Your Glossy Credit can be spent on the GLOSSYBOX website on a variety of products.! This includes on GLOSSYBOX Skincare (where subscribers also get an amazing 25% discount), on Glossy Merchandise (we’ve got mugs, bottles, bags, the lot!) or it can be saved up to purchase other Limited Edition boxes. Imagine saving up all year and then getting our hugely popular Advent Calendar for a fraction of the price!  

As a Glossy you can also link your GLOSSYBOX account to LOOKFANTASTIC, where you can use your credits to shop (and save!) on all of your favorite beauty brands!  

How To Build Glossy Credit  

It’s so easy to start building your credit – and we recently found that around three out of four Glossies have credit available in their accounts. That equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars waiting to be spent on free beauty hauls!

Subscribe To GLOSSYBOX  

To start earning your Glossy Credit, sign up for GLOSSYBOX today. Alongside this incredible benefit, you'll of course get your hands on our incredible monthly boxes! But, that’s not all. 

You’ll also get priority access and exclusive discounts on our Limited Edition boxes and the GLOSSYBOX Skincare range, as well as access to our exclusive subscriber-only Glossy Lounge which is packed with discounts, offers and competitions for you to get excited about! 

Emily Cotton
Writer and expert
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