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What Is Lycopene?


Featured in our stunning November box, Lycopene Skin Care’s Crema Rinnovante has quickly become a fan-favorite among our subscribers. Since Lycopene is such a knowledge-heavy brand, we knew it was important to elaborate on how they came to be and what their key ingredient, lycopene, actually is. To get your November box, click here! 

How the brand started: 

Eight years ago four successful surgeons met at a medical convention in San Diego, California. While only knowing each other in passing they all sat down after one of the day’s sessions, and as we all do when we’re with our fellow workers, talked shop – or in this case skincare. Dr. Larry Pollack from California yearned for a product that would speed his patients’ recovery from laser treatments. Dr. Zvi Sharf and his partner Dr. Dave Rigan needed a hydroquinone- free skin lightener to replace the one they had been using for years which the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was about to limit due to the potential for hydroquinone to cause skin cancer. And finally, Dr. Gary Weinberger had just returned from a scientific meeting at one of the leading Medical University in Italy looking into the use of natural and organic ingredients to formulate safe, effective and ecologically-friendly skincare. At the end of the conference, the four dedicated doctors, whose only concern was improving their patient’s well-being, agreed to work together to create an entirely new and innovative concept in skincare.

Their vision became what is now Lycopene Skin Care. Dr. Gary had discovered through his studies in Italy the best way to extract Lycopene from organic tomatoes, eliminating irritating solvents and useless impurities. Combining this Lycopene with eighteen other natural botanicals, while super-homogenizing the mix, resulted in a cream that was luxurious, smooth and incredibly absorbent making it ideal for use under makeup. It also just felt great going on and visibly made the skin glow. Patients using the cream relayed the many compliments they received on their skin after using Lycopene Crema Rinnovante for only a few days. This same formula extensively analyzed by Dr. Larry attested to its ability to speed the skin’s recovery process after laser procedures.

About Lycopene Skin Care Crema Rinnovante: 

The secret to Lycopene Crema Rinnovante is the proprietary form of lycopene (Aquose Microdispersed Lycopene). This is not just ordinary lycopene found in other skin care products like “Lyco-mato” which contains high levels of inactive tomato by-products, but a highly concentrated and pure form of lycopene developed by Dr. Gary and one of Italy’s leading Universities dedicated to the study of skin aging. Only pure lycopene is endorsed by the Mt Sinai Medical School as the #1 Antioxidant, as well as TV personality Dr. Oz who has frequently preached the benefits of using lycopene for your skin care. To make a skincare ingredient effective, it firstly must be free from contamination that inactivates it, and secondly, it needs to be delivered into the skin in high enough concentrations. Having said that, Crema Rinnovante contains the percentage proven necessary to protect and rejuvenate your skin!

Many nutritionists emphasize including Lycopene in your diet. While it is proven that ingested Lycopene is indeed good for you, it is also poorly absorbed and unevenly distributed in the body concentrating mostly in our armpits, wrists, and hairline, not in the face and neck where the visible signs of aging occur. In addition, every skin care products’ biggest enemy is time. The longer a product sits in a warehouse the more rapidly its ingredients begin to oxidize and degrade. Lycopene guarantees that their creams and serums are always fresh and highly active because they manufacture in small batches to avoid having them sit around for months on the shelf.

To learn more about Lycopene Skin Care and to shop the brand, click here. 

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