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Introducing Emma & Chloé

The holidays are here, and if you ask us there’s no such thing as enough sparkle! This year, we’re collaborating with French subscription jewelry brand, Emma & Chloé to celebrate the season in style!

For the first 500 new GLOSSIES, the December CHEERS GLOSSYBOX will be accompanied by a set of sparkling earrings with a bamboo leaf print. They are the perfect addition to any holiday look and trust us when we say, they are not to be missed! Even better, you get to choose between gold and silver as well as pierced ears or clip earrings. You want to subscribe now? Click here!


The designer of the earrings, Virginie Monroe, was inspired by travels to Brazil where she started to play with shapes and materials. Read the interview below to learn about her inspiration for this month’s line.

1) How did your passion for jewelry start?

I have always loved creating since I was little. My main source of inspiration was my mother who was evolving in the sophisticated world of fashion and nightlife at the end of the 70’s.

2) You lived in Brazil, how do you translate your love for this country in your creations?

Brazil has always been a huge part of my inspirations. My Iracema and Selva collections are inspired by the heroine of a famous novel by José de Alencar, celebrating the wild nature of the Brazilian Nordeste. The Horizonte collection pays tribute to gold and stone researchers from Minas Gerais in the 18th century. Brazilian culture and its beliefs, music, landscapes and colors is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

3) Which piece of jewelry are you wearing the most?

I can’t choose. I like accumulating the pieces as much as wearing a very graphic, unique jewel. What is certain is that I could hardly live without jewelry!

4)  Is there a stone, a material, or a color that you prefer to work with?

I am attracted by green stones, ranging from aventurine to malachite, I also really like labradorite!

5) What’s the theme of your last collection?

Every collection features different themes. Byzance, Kahena and Bambou are part of the favorites for now.

6) Where do you get your inspiration from? (travel, art, etc.)

My sources of inspiration are very diverse: travel obviously, the decorative arts and nature. Also, all women and their many different facets: extraordinary icons, as well as ordinary “girls next door”!

7) According to you, what is the essential jewel for a woman?

In my opinion, the mandatory jewel for a woman is a pair of earrings. Earrings always bring a touch of sparkle, just like a beautiful lipstick.

8) You have two shops, one in Marseille and one in Lille. Do you plan to open elsewhere?

We love store openings, it’s exciting! Hunting the perfect place, designing the space, setting the scene. It’s a real show! It’s also a lot about humans: forming a team that will convey our dedication to detail. A team that make the difference and make our customers unique.

9) What will be your next challenge?

Every collection is a new challenge. We have to take risks and innovate while respecting the brand’s story and DNA.

10) Which jewelry tips could you give to our subscribers?

Dare to accumulate and diversify your jewelry! Cuffs and bangles go well with a wrap bracelet or a range of stones. In the meantime, a very eccentric ring would match perfectly with very thin rings on your other fingers. To finish it off, necklaces in different sizes and lengths would bring originality to any décolletage.

Don’t miss out! Sign up for the December Champagne Campaign GLOSSYBOX and be one of the first 500 new subscribers to receive the Emma & Chloé earrings for free. The year may be ending soon, but the party just got started…!

Emma & Chloé is a jewelry subscription box, which partners with up-&-coming and independent French jewelry designers to curate a monthly jewelry piece valued between $50 and $200.

By Maike Hussmann



Writer and expert