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Get the Look: Summer Sizzlers

Writer and expert6 years ago
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New season, new looks! It isn’t a secret that last fall the runways were filled with daring new takes on classic makeup trends. Whether it was a twist on a kissable lip or dark and stormy eyes, our beauty experts were like woah! At first glance, these may seem a wee bit intimidating to attempt, but thanks to our friend Josephine (check out her Instagram here!) we broke down these looks into a handful of steps that almost seem to easy to be true.

Go on GLOSSY give one of these a try and let us see on social with #happyGLOSStice

Look 1: Barely There Makeup

The key to nailing this look is, well, kind of just being yourself! Barely their makeup is exactly how it sounds, light and simple. For all of our GLOSSYMoms and ladies on-the-go out there, this look is perfect when you are trying to leave in hurry but still want a little somethin’ somethin’. Follow the steps below and you’ll have a natural glow in no time. What you need for this look:Emite Professional Lash Curler in Rose Gold found in your June GLOSSYBOXTemple Spa All A Glow Palette, or your favorite powder bronzer, highlighter, and blushYour favorite foundation/concealer
  • Step 1: Apply Face Makeup
    • We like using a sponge, like MakeupDrop Original, to seamlessly blend our foundation so it looks as natural as our skin.
  • Step 2: Curl Curl Curl
    • Take your thumb and put it slightly above the outside corner of your eye as you look down
    • Gently apply pressure and lift your thumb up slightly
    • Take the lash curler with the clamp open, gently slide the lashes in making sure to capture each and every one
    • Start by looking down, and at the base of your lashes and gently curl the lash while pressing down on the clamp
    • Hold this for about 5 seconds before you release.
    • Your lashes should have a nice flick to them, and if not, you can perform this little action again.
  • Step 3:  Define the “3”
    • Take a large facial brush, such as the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin CC Brush, and the Temple Spa All a Glow Palette and dip it into the bronzer, be sure to gently tap off any excess product
    • Find the hollow in your cheek and lightly apply the bronzer from cheek hollow back and up towards your ear.
    • Next, imagine a large number 3 on the side of your face starting with the top of your forehead along your hairline. Follow the imaginary 3 with the bronzer, from the top of your forehead, through your cheek hollow, and then along your jaw-line.
  • Step 4: Dimension & Glow
    • Take the blush with the large face brush, and mildly apply it on the apples of the cheeks to create a nice healthy glow.
    • For the last step, take a small fluffy brush with the highlighter, and sweep along the highpoints of the face including the top of the cheekbones right above the blush, under the arch of the brow, and along the bridge of your nose.
  • Step 5: Get GLOWING GLOSSY!

Look 2: Sandy Smokey Eye

We have always envied smokey eyes, they are daring and mysterious. We have found that the one hold-back on this is look is that it’s usually pretty dark. Not sure about you GLOSSIES, but sometimes applying dark colors can be intimidating and if it’s a day-time look we’re going for, using colors like black, dark purple, and dark brown can feel a little too dramatic. Alas, we still love these eyes and want them for the sultry look they give us. The good news is there is a way to nail a daytime smokey eye, without all the dark drama. For this look, you will need…The Absolute Cosmetics Icon Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Gold Glitz found in your June GLOSSYBOX.

An Eyeshadow brush of your choice, we love Vasanti’s for its dense bristles allow for the pigment to be picked up and delivered so you don't waste the color intensity on your brush.

  • Step 1: Apply Face Makeup
    • If a sponge isn’t your thing, try The Creme Shop’s OMG oval brush sets. They are packed with more bristles giving your look a nice air-brush finish.
  • Step 2: Prime Prime Prime!
    • We usually prime our visage before applying our face makeup, so why would our eyes be any different? When in doubt, we reach for Kryolan’s Eye Shadow Primer, their professional formulas do not disappoint.
  • Step 3: Golden Smoke
    • Take an eyeshadow brush and the Absolute Cosmetics Icon Mini Palette. Dip the brush in the Soft Copper shade. Lightly tap the shadow all over the eyelid, including the creases.
    • Next, dip your eyeshadow brush in Prosecco, and sweep the color along the middle of the eyelid to give it some dimension.
    • Last, we take the color Fluff and apply this over the brow bone and in the center of the eye to make it extra doe-y.
    • Josephine’s tip on this one is if you are looking to intensify the color in this look, before starting,  spray the brush with a makeup setting spray.

Look 3: Just Bitten Lip

The GLOSSIES know, we love a  good lippie! Sometimes though, it can be a bit frustrating if your perfect lip becomes less and less as the day goes on. Inspired by the messy-cool girl, this lip-look is meant to be worn imperfectly, making it as easy to do as it is to pull off.  For this look, you will need:
  • KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO Lipstick in Red found in the Limited Edition GLOSSYBOX X KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO (launching on June 10th!)
  • Your Favorite Lip Scrub
  • Step 1: Scrub!
    • Before a lip-look is even a thought, make sure you have a good base! When it comes to removing dead-skin and exfoliating our lips to make them smooth, we go with the GLAMGLOW PoutMud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment. Not only does it make our lips feel silky, it renews and energizes them with the help of key ingredients like Hawaiian Sea Salt and Hibiscus Flower Powder.
  • Step 2: Stamp it On
    • Using the KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO Lip Couture Lipstick in Red from the Limited Edition KARL LAGERFELD + MODELCO GLOSSYBOX, starting in the middle of the lips use a stamping motion to create a light layer.
  • Step 3: Overshadow
    • On the inner area of the lips (in the center, where your top and bottom lips meet) apply a darker layer of the lipstick to create a deepened shadowy effect.
  • Step 4: Say Muah!


By Erica Solomon

Writer and expert
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