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Curated with you in mind, Rituals brings the spa to the comfort of your own home with quality ingredients and beautiful packaging in this special edition box. In its entirety, Rituals is about you. Every day is a new beginning with countless decisions to be made, and with no shortage of life’s stressors abounding, taking a moment for yourself is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is why GLOSSYBOX has established a relationship with Rituals over the past years. With a recent growth spurt in the United States, the Rituals products that have been featured in our boxes have been very well-received by our North American subscribers as well as by our subscribers around the globe.

Personally, we love the deep rooted tradition mixed with a modern twist. The delicate scent is universal and today is the perfect time to immerse yourself into the Ritual of Sakura. This beautiful box is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! We sincerely hope you unwind and enjoy the products included in this artfully designed box.

How did Rituals come to be?
Rituals is a number 1 bath and body brand in Europe. Rituals was created in Paris during 2000 by an International team of perfume and design industry experts. The founder Raymond Cloosterman started his adventure from a deeply rooted passion: “I passionately believe that we can transform our daily routines into more meaningful moments if we pay just a little bit more attention to the details.

What separates Rituals from other self-care brands?
Rituals is a unique luxury lifestyle brand with a passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful experiences. The Rituals concept combines home and body cosmetics with collections based on Eastern traditions.

How are the ingredients chosen and why are ingredients so important to you?
All selected ingredients have their own ancient wisdom. The distinctive benefits together with innovative technologies create a unique way of experiencing these Eastern traditions. Rituals chooses nature as a source of inspiration, which is why we try to use natural, renewable, and organic ingredients for our products and safe alternatives for anything nature cannot provide.

What is the inspiration behind each of the lines?
The Rituals of Sakura is inspired by the Japanese tradition of the annual flowering celebration of the Cherry Blossom. The Ritual of Sakura collection blends the sweetness of Cherry Blossom with nourishing Organic Rice Milk, to make each day feel like a new beginning.

The Rituals of Dao is inspired by a Chinese philosophy centered on achieving the perfect harmony between Yin and Yang. Focusing on nourishing your Yin energy, The Ritual of Dao collection helps to find inner peace and tranquility in our busy lives.

The Rituals of Laughing Buddha is inspired on the story of a famous monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. For centuries, rubbing his belly has symbolized good luck and prosperity. The Ritual of Laughing Buddha collection brings a touch of happiness to the everyday life.

The Rituals of Ayurveda is inspired on the ancient philosophy based on restoring inner harmony through the old practice of cleansing and nurturing your body and soul. The Rituals of Ayurveda will help to find inner harmony and beauty will come naturally.

The Rituals of Hammam is inspired on one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. This steam bath experience from the East purifies both body and soul. The Rituals of Hammam is enriched with revitalizing Rosemary and Eucalyptus. The products cleanse, soften, and nourish the skin.

The Rituals of Samurai is inspired on the ancient Japanese Samurai warriors who paid great attention to their personal appearance. Their careful grooming traditions were aimed at creating an appearance that builds power, control and confidence to support their battles and challenges. The Ritual of Samurai is created for the urban man to face every day challenge and to be groomed to perfection.

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